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I have the best boyfriend ever. (Roll your eyes, g’head…) Last weekend he went to New Hampshire with his mama to visit family and he came back with these goodies. I mean, what straight guy goes antiquing for his girlfriend?!


This lightbulb is gigantic! Seriously, it’s probably about 12″ long and looks super cool. I plan on putting it on a stack of beautiful coffee table books, I’m just running out of space!


When I first walked in our condo, and saw these puppies I instantly said, “Uh, oh. What’d you do?” I thought Ryan bought vintage baseball seats at first glance and was a little bit scared! His mom bought them for us as a gift to put in our entry of our future house. How sweet is that?

via lake jane copy

The day after I got the bench/chairs as a gift I found this image on Lake Jane. Loving it!

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