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Paper Dresses

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By now you’ve probably seen this Huffington Post article where an adorable 4-year-old makes dresses out of paper. If not, check out this little peanut’s skills! Her mom helps her, but claims to be the least crafty woman ever. She takes inspiration from award show photos, photos from past seasons of Project Runway and TV shows she watches. I personally love the Minnie Mouse ensemble!

As kids, my sister and I had a bag of scrap fabric from our Grandmother. Sometimes we would drape the fabric and pretend they were dresses but they never looked as beautiful as these paper dresses! My sister would often pretend she was Madonna (she even had one lace glove) and she would pretend she was late for an award show. She claims this never happened, but it’s funny the little things you remember from your childhood. For some odd reason, this always sticks out to me!

Anywho, check out these beautiful dresses…


Mid-Century Modern

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If I ever had a summer home in a warmer climate, this home in Cape Town is what it would look like. Ever since I visited the Stahl house last month, I’ve had mid-century modern design on the brain! This is the perfect way to mix new and vintage furniture, and to incorporate feminine and masculine pieces. I absolutely love white kitchens (they always look so clean!) and Ryan is obsessed with warm woods, and vintage grasshopper chairs. (He is always talking about these vintage inspired chairs I used for an office project!)

What is your perfect fantasy home? Mine almost always include a comfy sectional to take a cat nap with my crazy kittens.

modern cape town mid century

modern cape town mid century
modern cape town mid century
modern cape town mid century
modern cape town mid century

All photos by Warren Heath via escapade.

p.s. My future cabin will look like this, this or this. :)

p.s.s This is my dream home… with update interiors, of course!

San Francisco

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The last four days were spent in a city we fell in love with instantly… San Francisco. Unfortunately Ryan and I both caught a nasty cold the entire time we were here, but we made the best out of it. We stayed at this swanky hotel called The Clift designed by Philippe Stark. It was really minimal, but probably the most homey hotel I’ve ever stayed in. The ceilings were probably 12′ in the rooms, and the window treatments made it feel less like a hotel but more like your master bedroom.

We checked out each neighborhood and we were surprised how much like Manhattan the city felt like. Although it was more beautiful, clean, and friendly. ;) And all the food was so fresh! We loved walking on Pier 39, which felt like home because we always love going to boardwalks at the Jersey Shore. I also really loved Sausolito, a quaint little city right across from the Golden Gate Bridge. Ryan’s number one thing he wanted to do was see the Redwood trees. (There’s a reason why his friend calls him “Ry Dry the nature guy”..) It was unbelievable to see how BIG they are!
The last night we were there, we went to an outdoor food festival called Off the Grid. There were about 30 food trucks, a few wine trucks, and a few local brewery trucks. We ate the best tacos ever (seriously) listening to live music and drinking cocktails. The entire trip was huge inspiration for my cooking, and I can’t wait to try their pulled pork tacos. I had chipotle shrimp tacos with pico de gaillo but scarfed it down before I could take a picture. It was that good!

All in all, our trip to California was really fun. It was the perfect mix of adventure, relaxation, and romance. :)



Stahl House

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Ryan and I took a trip to California for our anniversary a few weeks ago and I’d love to share some photos!  We originally started planning this trip because we won a few nights at an amazing 5 star resort in Santa Barbara (more on that later!) so we decided to extend the trip. We flew into LA, stayed for a few nights, drove up the coast to Santa Barbara, stayed a few nights, drove up the coast a little more to San Francisco where we ended our trip. Our first stop (quite literally) was going to the Stahl House, and to say I was excited was an understatement! I’m sure you’ve seen the infamous photographs by Julius Shuhlmann. I mean… they are so beautiful. During our tour, they told us that the photo of the two women chatting were actually assistants to the photographer and it was an organic shot in the moment. Isn’t that interesting? I always imagined it being a formal cocktail party and they were women chatting about their husbands.

The home is very simply laid out in the Hollywood hills and has the most breathtaking view of the city. It is a “L” shape with the kitchen, living room, and dining room one one side, and the master bedroom, bathroom, and children’s bedroom on the other. While beautiful, it wasn’t the most practical for family life today. They had one TV, in the master bedroom, and the family all watched together in their room. Also, three children shared one bedroom and in order to get to their bedroom you had to walk through the parents bedroom. The house is still owned by the children, and even one of the sons was there to chat with us.

We arrived for the tour around 6:30pm and stayed for about two hours to watch the sunset. We took photos, experienced the space during different lighting, and chatted with some fun people from all across the country. You see those glass panels in the living room? They are actually sliding doors. We sat there chatting about our trip while the most perfect breeze swept through the house and it made me giddy. Giddy to be in California, giddy to be celebrating another year with Ryan, and giddy that I feel fortunate to be designer who gets this excited by design.

Stahl House, Los Angeles
Stahl House, Los Angeles
Stahl House, Los Angeles
Stahl House, Los Angeles
Stahl House, Los Angeles

Stahl House, Los Angeles

Stahl House, Los Angeles
Stahl House, Los Angeles
Stahl House, Los Angeles
Stahl House, Los Angeles

Wood Tiles?

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Typically I’m not a fan of materials pretending to be something that they’re not, but this tile may have change my mind. I was shopping for a kitchen back splash and some bathroom tiles this week and spotted this porcelain tile in the showroom. It is the most beautiful greyish brown color and actually looks like wood. Weird. I’m just waiting to use this in a basement or bathroom renovation!

Artistic Tile Wood Grain

conference table

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I just got some progress photos from my vendor of the black walnut slab table that we’re installing in my office project! The base is going to be black powder coated metal and the top is going to be three tree slabs seamed together. I cannot tell you how excited I am to see this in the space!

Two walnut wood slabs being worked on for conference table

Uncoated steel table base for tree slab conference table

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