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smart window coverings

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As much as I think I’m tech savvy, something new and exciting is always coming out! This window film by Sonte can be applied to your windows and go from transparent to opaque in a second thanks to your smart phone. How crazy is that?! This product is perfect for almost any room, and can even be used as a backdrop for a TV projector. For about about a ten square foot section it will cost you about $284 for the film with the smart phone activated strip. Check out their video here on how easy it is to install. phone activated window film

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i’m a tall tina

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I am in love with The Feather Report iPhone app! The app, designed by one of my favorite bloggers, tells you what to wear based on the current weather report. It even breaks down outfit options by your body type and where you’ll be wearing this super cute ensemble. Even if you don’t own any of the items, or anything similar, it’s a great way to discover new designers and boutiques in which to shop.

These are currently saved in my favorites. Lately, I’ve been feeling like an insomniac so note the time when I saved them!









If I wasn’t now saving for a wedding, I’d buy every single item on here!

target iphone app

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I could go on and on about how much I love target, and they’ve given me yet another reason. Target has a new iPhone app that let’s you input an item you’re looking for, your store of choice and will point you to exactly what aisle you’re looking for. It even tells you if the item you’re looking for is out of stock, and which surrounding stores carry it. How genius is that?! At first I thought that would prevent me from my leisure strolls around the store, but who are we kidding?!