happy, happy weekend

This weekend is going to be amazing. Seriously. My friends have planned an engagement dinner for Saturday night and I’m excited to put on my heels and toast to love and friendship! This past year has had its ups and downs, and lately I have been feeling so blessed. I have such a strong support system, and I’m fortunate to be surrounded with people who bring such positivity to my life.

If Ryan and I don’t celebrate too much we’ll be going to the Rutgers Botanical Gardens on Sunday. Ryan went to college there and we hear they have amazing grounds. We may take our wedding photos there around this time next year, so we thought it would be a good idea to see what’s currently in bloom, and to see just how beautiful the grounds are. Perhaps we’ll use my fancy new picnic basket my parents got me for Christmas and enjoy the beautiful weather! Cheers!

Picnic basket and wine


cutest wedding favors

Ryan and I have changed our minds a lot when it came to choosing a wedding venue. At first, we had our heart set on getting married in the Poconos. Then we thought we wanted to have it catered at a local art gallery. But, now we’re getting married in a garden and having the reception in a modern venue near our hometowns. (A perfect location for a small, intimate wedding next Spring). I’m never indecisive when it comes to clients at work, but when it’s something personal, I can never commit to an idea. (Clearly I do not have commitment issues.) When we considering getting married outdoors in the Poconos, I thought these favors were the sweetest idea! They are so perfect for any outdoorsy party and a fun, interactive gift!

(elizabethan designs via apartment 34.)

how to: remove rust from your knives

Whenever it’s warmer out, Ryan seems to enjoy spending hours washing and waxing his car. It must be a guy thing, because I’d much rather take it to a car wash (or our local “car spa”). He bought this pen to remove rust from a tiny scratch on his car, and we thought it’d be great for another household use.



The pens price tag of $10.99 was a little surprising at first, but it’s a lot less expensive than buying a new knife set. The fibreglass eraser-like pen was so easy to use – you simple rub it back and forth on the rust spots as if you’re erasing them. So easy, even a caveman could do it.

pac a parka

I’ve been looking for at least a year for a no-frills rain jacket. The criteria were simple: lightweight, with a hood, and one that had some shape. When I first saw Emily’s post, I knew I had to have this rain jacket in my favorite color! With the rain in New York these past few days, it’s saved me! It’s perfect for catching a cab, or carrying grocery bags without having to fumble with an umbrella!

Tip: They run really big, so I’d get a size smaller than you are.