studio #3

Speaking of selling our condo, I recently took some updated photos and figured I’d share them with you. The lighting in here makes it complicated to take photos, but I think these gives a good sense of our space. We’ve made a few minor changes since our apartment therapy tour years ago, and when I said we have sneaky storage solutions I wasn’t kidding.

See that floor mirror? Our ironing board, floor steamer, and a folding chair is hidden behind there. Behind the sofa? There are 3 painting canvases and wrapping paper. Under the media cabinet? Ryan’s video game collection in a CD holder, and two guitar hero guitars (which I must say, haven’t been used in years). Inside that side table? Our extensive board game collection. And that’s just the living area.

Living in a studio has been a challenge (to say the least), and it may even be more of a challenge to sell our home in such a difficult real estate market. We’re hoping that it sells pretty quickly, but we’re willing to wait it out. For now I’ll just have to daydream about how I’ll design our next dream place.

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