our wedding: the table numbers + card box

Ryan and I enjoy wine. A lot. So when it came to designing the table numbers, this design made the decision easy. After peeling off twelve labels (with the most patient best friends ever), I printed out new labels on label making paper to adhere to the bottles.

In going with the wine theme, I was inspired for the card box by a quick trip to the liquor store. (I was probably picking up a bottle to ease the wedding planning stress!) I asked someone at the store if they had any wooden boxes that they were looking to get rid of, and I got 3 for free! (Wine boxes go for about $15 each on ebay, so I was very excited by free.)

Ryan cut out the letters out of painters tape, and adhered them to the natural wood box. I painted the top, over the tape, so when we removed the stencils you could see the grain of the wood. I love the way this came out!

(photos 1 and 3 via John DeFiora Photography, photo 2 from my iPhone.)

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