the living room: before

The living area is a long, somewhat narrow space which makes it awkward to lay out furniture. I wish I took a before-the-before-picture photo because it doesn’t give the full sense of everything that has been done. There were leprechaun knick nacks on the wall, a mirror with garland above the fireplace and a very green oriental rug. Oh, and that recliner! It’s only in the picture because we were waiting for bulk trash day.


Before & After - Living Room Before

This first photo is taken from what we’re calling the living room looking into where we’re putting the dining table. Because the room is so large, we’re creating more of a “great” room and having a dining and living room together. (Don’t worry, we’ll have the TV in a seperate family room space.) The wood staircase is one of my favorite things about this house and it’s sad that for all 12 years I’ve known the owners, it was hidden with a large screen TV.

Before & After - Living Room Before

This above photo is looking back into the “living area” with the front door on the left hand side. We still haven’t fully decided how we’re going to decorate the faux fireplace, but right now we’re leaning towards eventually installing a gas line for a gas fireplace. I haven’t decided if I think that’s too “corny” yet.


Before & After - Living Room During

Right now this room is empty, even though Ryan tried to convince me that the recliner was good for his back. Yup, so is working out. So, pick that baby up and put it on the curb.



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