the master bedroom: progress shots

I couldn’t leave the before shots on my blog for too long without giving updates. The before is just too bad to leave you hanging. (Again, sorry Danielle.) :)

Because the homeowners are moving to a much smaller home in Vermont, they left behind a lot of… stuff. A good portion of last week we were throwing things out, moving furniture into the (incredibly hot) attic, organizing, and prepping the walls for paint. Just clearing out the room made such a huge difference and started to make it feel more like our place, and not someone elses. I guess this is pretty obvious.

The brown rug was literally from the 70’s and smelled so bad of their (super sweet) golden retriever. Because we have a cat who may try to mark her territory, and because the rug itself was just gross, I needed to get that rug out as soon as I could. Once it was out on the curb, I felt a huge sigh of relief. It was the perfect way to start the holiday weekend.

We have amazing family and friends who helped us the entire holiday weekend allowing us to get way more done than anticipated. My parents got MVP’s (most valuable painters) for painting every surface of trim in the house. Isn’t it such a huge difference?

The colors for the house were inspired by my best friends weimaraner. I have literally brought my Benjamin Moore fan deck to their house to color match her fur because it is just so beautiful. The in this photo don’t do it justice buts it’s amazing how warm, and homey the house is starting to feel.

I can’t wait for this upcoming week – we’re having all of the floors sanded and restained! It’s going to make such a HUGE difference because all of the floors have paint drips and stains. I also kind of hate the ceiling fans, but since it’s not our house I don’t want to spend too much money. Can you believe how different it looks already?!

  • Glenn Beye

    July 16, 2011 at 11:03 am Reply

    Hi, Lisa Bean . . . was showing Hen the floors and how they came and she was amazed . . . we couldn’t agree more about your comment about how the house is becoming warmer and more welcoming. Once your furniture is in and you guys are finally in . . . listen, and you’ll hear the home say to you ‘thank you, Lisa and Ryan for your tender, loving work and care: welcome home!

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