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Since my last post about my hurricane activities, a lot has happened. By that point, I didn’t realize just how bad the damage from hurricane Irene was. Ryan’s sister and brother in law live in a ranch style home in Monroe Township, NJ and were forced to evacuate during the storm because their house flooded. Twelve inches of water may not seem like a lot, but when the water sits in your walls, and under your floors, it creates more damage than a blazing fire would.

Thankfully I am amazing in a crisis, and completely put my bossy pants on and ordered everyone around to get their house cleaned up. Although there were only puddles sitting on the floor when we were allowed back into the house, the water had seeped into every nook and cranny and was starting to grow mold. This past weekend, family and friends and strangers demolished the interior walls of a home that my in-law’s built for their family. There were neighbors driving around with supplies to give out: cases of water, bug spray, bleach, masks and gloves. There were neighbors cooking us meals, offering to do our laundry, and local companies bringing us food for lunch. The random acts of kindness has completely restored my faith in humanity and at several points brought tears to my eyes. Since I was the only girl using tools, I had to pull it together and say that it was just dust in my eyes. ;)

Gutted House - after Hurricane Irene in Monroe, NJ

This picture is of their house, where you are now able to see through from one side to the other. Clearly, this is not a suitable living environment for a family with two children (about to start school), so we’re having them stay with us until the construction is complete. (I didn’t think I’d have a kids room in my house so soon!) It’s going to be like a real life episode of Full House, but without the sappy music and lots and lots of wine.


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