wish lanterns

During our most recently slumber party with our nephews, we snuggled up on the couch to finally watch the movie Tangled. (If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it… no matter how old you are.) Every year on the princesses birthday, the entire kingdom lites wish lanterns to set them free into the sky. During the wish lantern ceremony, my oldest nephew Tyler (10), looked over to me and said, “Aunt Lisa, this movie is really emotional.” I love his honesty and that he was feeling the same things I was as an adult. I told him that I would eventually love to be a part of a wish lantern ceremony, thinking that would probably never happen.

Wish lanterns from Tangled

But, then I came across some photos on Pinterest and it hit me. Why can’t we create our own “ceremony”? I bought these lanterns and was thinking we could start a tradition when we go camping as a family. How beautiful would these look floating over the lake?! I am beyond excited for our next trip!

Floating wish lanterns

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