This past weekend, Ryan and I went to Washington, DC.This little road trip was planned about six months ago and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since.

This Fall while we were babysitting our nephew Tyler, he and I were chatting about how we’ve always wanted to go to Washington, DC. He’s 10 years old, and has a love of art and history. His parents (Ryan’s sister and brother in law) do not have an interest to visit this city, so it only made sense that we bring him along with us. It was his second stay in a hotel ever, and it was so cute to see how excited he was. I feel lucky to be able to provide experiences like this, and feel fortunate to have such a strong bond with him.

We visited all the tourist spots, and went to so many museums – The Hirshorn Museum, The Holocaust Museum and The Museum of Natural History being our favorites. It was so much fun to see a city through the eyes of a child, and I am so proud of his love for art. I like to think I’m responsible for that. :) DC is such a beautiful city and I can’t wait to go back!


Washing Monument with blue sky background and flags blowing in the windThe Washington Monument


Ryan and Tyler in the Chromosaturation installation at the Hirshorn Museum

Chromosaturation by Carloz Cruz-Diez at the Hirshorn Museum. This may be my favorite installation, possibly ever. The light installation made you feel like you could physically touch the light in front of you.

Ryan and Lisa in the Chromosaturation installation at the Hirshorn Museum

Ryan and Lisa in the flourescent light installation at the Hirshorn Museum

Lisa and Tyler in the flourescent light installation at the Hirshorn Museum

Tyler in the blue tube installation at the Hirshorn Museum

Our second favorite installation at the Hirshorn Museum. We all had so much fun walking through this and were lucky to be the first ones there at opening so we could experience it by ourselves.

The Holocaust Museum Lobby in Washington DC

Dark wall with several candles lit in a brightly lit room

The above two photos are of the Holocaust Museum. It is such a beautifully designed museum and filled with so much information that we want to go back just to spend more time here. The entire museum is dark, which allows you to be somber and feel emotional about what you’re seeing. At the end, you exit through this bright memorial where they have a small flame burning with candles surrounding it.

All in all, it was a great trip ending our month of traveling. There is still so much to see within our own country. What’s next? I want to go to California and Napa but I’m thinking we’ll wait a little bit for that. :)

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