Dining Room Sideboard

This Conant Ball sideboard is probably one of my favorite pieces in our house. We bought this sideboard on Craigslist almost two years ago for only $100 because it was stained, in rough condition and smelled like pee. Thankfully Ryan and I have “vision” and were able to see/smell past it’s existing condition. (I love a man that can get just as excited by a piece of vintage furniture as he does for a football game!) Once we took it home, we used several cans of Lysol on her and let her sit outside in the sun for a few days. Ryan is a genius when it comes to refinishing furniture. Seriously. I never thought he would be able to get this piece to feel so smooth. When he put the last coat of poly on it, I think I sat and pet it for a few minutes.  Now we use it to store wine glasses, wine, china from his Grandmother, candles and mail. Storing mail in here is probably weird, but I hate piles of paper and it’s right near our front door. (You can see the “before” photos here of the room. This sideboard is on the right wall opposite that ugly old recliner. ick.)

Above it I hung a collage of photos that are special to us: wedding photos, the London eye from our first vacation together, the water at Niagra Falls, and a still life Ryan’s mom gave me. Although getting all these pictures to look “carefully undone” took hours but it was worth it in the end. I’m kind of spastic when it comes to hanging pictures so there are about 4 “practice” holes behind each of those photos, I’m sure. I thought this post by Joanna was interesting about having family photos in public spaces in your home. I feel like having personal photos in your public spaces is even more important so you can show your family and friends what is important to you. I can’t tell you how many times people comment on these pictures. My Mom especially loves the Rorschach print by Andy Warhol.

After we got this piece inside Ryan looked online to see what similar pieces were going for and they were going for thousands (!) of dollars… some even for $6k. Not a bad deal considering we got this for $100! Another reason it’s one of my favorite pieces in the house. :)

Conant Ball Buffet Before

Conant Ball Sideboard

Conant Ball Buffet

Photo Collage

Water Pitcher on White Tray


Oh, and of course I always have a bowl of lemons and water on it waiting for guests. Obviously. :)

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