Should I lacquer my dresser?

I’ve found that with most people, myself included, redecorate their bedroom last because “nobody sees it” when realistically it is one of the most important rooms in your house. Although our bedroom has come a long way since we’ve moved in, we’ve had Ryan’s matchy-matchy “bachelor” furniture for years and I’m itching to completely redesign the room. My urge to redesign started with a vintage dresser we picked up last year in New Hope. It honestly only feels like months ago. We weren’t planning on getting new furniture but we figured it would be a sweet “gift” to each other for our first anniversary. I love the storage, and brass handles but hate the wood. (Is it oak? I think so.) As soon as it was delivered Ryan started sanding it and re-staining it a darker color. At the time I thought it looked nice, especially because he is amazing at refinishing furniture, but, there is something about it that doesn’t excite me. The grain just makes it look old instead of a beautiful antique piece of furniture. Even though he spent all that work on it, I really really want to lacquer it. (Sorry, Ryan!) I’m thinking a deep navy like this would be so beautiful and would add some color. What do you think? I usually am against painting wood, but the cheap looking grain on this wood is driving me crazy.




Vintage refinished dresser

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