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This weekend Ryan and I tackled one of my goals for the summer: taking a photography class! I’ve had an interest in photography since middle school, and have taken photography classes for film previously in school. I have a DSLR that I’ve been using that takes beautiful pictures but I wasn’t using it to it’s full potential. I was getting too comfortable using the automatic settings (the running man has always been my favorite!) and I was getting frustrated when it didn’t do what I want. That’s the beautiful thing about technology… it never listens to you.

We took a beginner class at a local community school for adults (when did I become an adult!? ;) and we learned the basics: aperature, shutter speed and ISO. Very simple, but learning it all over again with a digital camera made a world of difference. I’ve been taking pictures all weekend just to test out different settings and so I can be more confident when I have to adjust the settings quickly. I’m so excited to start taking more photos for my blog, and to see how my portfolio photos change post-class. Below are some random photos from the weekend…

DSC_0019 A little college door reflection selfie.

DSC_0278My little baby girl, Shiloh. #crazycatlady

My feisty niece Kaytlynn on Father’s Day. Ryan took this of her and she was totally flirting with him.

DSC_0009Some random guy from my photography class that I happened to be married to. :)

 So, now that I actually know how to use my camera properly I want to start bringing it out more. (i.e. stop using my iPhone to take so many photos!) I’ve been on the hunt for a larger, durable camera bag that doesn’t scream “nerd” or “tourist” : two words that could probably easily describe us. I wanted one that looks like a purse, but as you can imagine Ryan wasn’t pleased with that idea since he carries it sometimes, too. Below are some options that I love… perfect for bloggers, interior designers, or just photographers who want to look a little more fashionable.

Obsessed with this doctor style camera bag but Ryan said he wouldn’t feel comfortable carrying this through an airport since it looks like a purse.

Also love this vintage leather bag, but decided against it because it didn’t have any interior compartments for little things like extra SD cards.

This leather camera purse was vetoed because of the feminine style and the price tag. Although I still secretly daydream about it.

We ended up going with this more affordable option since it is a compromise between the styles I love and because it’s pretty gender neutral. I love that it’s leather, has enough interior storage, and doesn’t scream “Camera bag!”. I also bought this leather wrist strap since the usual neck straps are always so bulky. I can’t wait to start taking more photos! Get ready, readers!

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