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baby sonogram

So…guess what? I’m pretty sure you have an idea. Ryan and I are expecting a little jelly bean this April! We are still in shock even if we’ve had a few months to digest this exciting news. It’s something that we’ve wanted for so long, but the moment it’s confirmed that there is a tiny human growing inside of you reminds you how real it is. If you follow me on instagram, you may have already seen some bump pictures and I am so loving being pregnant. I haven’t had any sickness (knock on wood!) but have felt incredibly exhausted which is to be expected. I just entered the second trimester so I’m looking forward to seeing my belly grow and to finally feel some movement.

I’m so excited to share the inspiration I’ve been collecting for the baby’s nursery! To be honest, I’ve probably been collecting photos for years. I blame on my baby fever, although I’ve been passing it off on “design inspiration for clients”. Apparently I’m too transparent because everyone was calling me out on my pinterest pins. The nursery is barely bigger than a 5×7 rug so it’ll be a challenge to create an organized and cozy space. We find out the sex within the next week or so and I am so anxious to find out! Once we know what we’re having I’ll start taking photos to share the process along the way.
Eeek! I still can’t believe it.

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