Before everyone heads off to celebrate Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share photos from our babymoon if you’d like to see…

About two weeks ago, we spent five days at the beautiful Cocos Hotel in Antigua and did nothing but relax and it felt so good. We woke up early every morning thanks to the colorful sunrise we saw directly from bed and spent the days lounging on the beach. I read an entire book that didn’t involve design or how my body might have freakish changes over the next few months. :)  We took little adventures like snorkeling and kayaking in the Caribbean. (Note: kayaking while pregnant in an ocean is not easy.) We both got massages (Ryan’s first) and the baby moved the most I have ever felt him. He must like getting pampered like his mama! Even though Ryan thought I made the term “babymoon” up, even he agrees that it was nice to have the time to relax, to not worry about time, and just to connect without technology running our lives. If you’re expecting, I highly recommend a trip before life gets crazy.

photo 1
photo 2

The view from the private beach. Those little huts are the restaurants overlooking the ocean.

photo 3

The view from our bed.

photo 4

The view from the pool.

photo 5
Our shower. Showering any other way is just silly.

photo 1
photo 2

photo 3

The day after our trip, we had our 20 week check up and our baby boy is looking healthy. Much like our first ultrasound, he wouldn’t cooperate and the technician had to bang on my belly to get him to move. (It was as comfortable as it sounds.) At some points he was even sticking his tongue out!
Now I’m 22 weeks and it’s going by so quickly. I am thankful for such an enjoyable pregnancy and for the health of this little peanut. As excited as I am to meet him, I’m going to miss this.

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