My new skin care routine

I have been blessed with genetics that have required me to be on acne medicine from 11 years old. (Note the sarcasm) I’ve tried everything from proactive to DIY remedies to prescription medicines that required monthly blood tests because they were so intense. Now that I’m closer to 30, my skin finally seems to have settled down and I now know what works for me. To be completely honest, I was worried what would happen to my skin once I became pregnant since I could not longer take my prescriptions meds, and hormones have a nasty reputation to make your face break out. I wouldn’t claim that I now have a Victoria’s Secret model glow, but I’ve discovered products that keep my skin fresh and moisturized.

Once you become pregnant, every person and book tries to scare you about what skin care products you can use. Am I the only one who got freaked out and obsessively checks ingredients in every skin care product? Now that I’m 5 months along, I finally have an idea of what works for me and what is safe for the little jelly bean that is actively kicking away inside me.



Every morning I use When Hope is Not Enough mixed with the Vitamin C booster powder. The serum is so moisturizing without being greasy and has even shrunken my pores. (I never thought I’d say that!) The booster powder (below) brightens my skin tone and has even lightened previous scars from the lovely reminders of my teenage acne.



At night I use Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair. I always thought because I had breakout prone skin that I shouldn’t moisturize but that is the biggest misconception. Once I started using this moisturizing serum my skin has transformed. Even though Ryan complains about how expensive it is, I often see him trying to sneakily use my serum’s. :)


The other day I was shopping in the city with a client and walked past Deja Vu, an Israeli skin care store with products from the Dead Sea. I got suckered into buying this body scrub and am so glad I did! I’ve been exfoliating my hands every night and it makes my hands SO SOFT and really moisturizes my cuticles. (I’ve since realized it’s way cheaper on amazon.) Fresh-Foaming-Cleanser-lg

I used to use regular face soap to remove my makeup at night, but my new white sheets were a nice reminder that it wasn’t doing it’s job. I recently switched to Neutrogena’s Foaming Cleanser that removes my makeup and makes my face feel clean.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion. For obvious reasons. Protecting_650x650_tcm1598-427243

Simple Light Moisturizing Lotion for these colder days that need more than my serums. It’s not greasy but does the trick.

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