Camera Bag

This morning I managed to squeeze in a photo shoot for one of my recently completed projects before the snow got too bad. This storm completely snuck up on me, but I welcome it! I needed time in my office to do paperwork and catch up on emails. (The glamorous life of a designer!)

Epiphanie Ginger - Caramel Camera Bag
I was finally able to use my new camera bag Ryan got me for Christmas! I’ve been on the hunt for one for a while, but eventually gave up because every bag I found either didn’t have space for all my lenses or it was way too expensive. My very sweet husband thought to surprise me with one, but unfortunately the company shipped the bag in a box that said “Epiphanie Camera Bags” in huge black letters. I tried to play dumb, but I knew weeks before Christmas morning. :) I am in love with it! It looks like a purse, has tons of storage, and the entire interior is padded.

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