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It’s interesting looking back at my previous Summer To-Do Lists because each year they are very similar. I can’t believe it’s almost July, that school is out, and that it’s summer…?! I better get on my summertime goals.

Go camping at least once. I’m setting up my standards real high here. One time. That can’t be that hard, can it?! We’ve had two trips planned with Cole in the past year and each time one of us has gotten really sick. I really want to go with him while he’s little so he get’s used to being an outdoorsman.

Hike at least once. Again, setting my goals real high. We’ve been so busy on the weekends trying to get the house done that we haven’t really been outside.

Go to New Hope on a date. We haven’t been there since I’ve been pregnant, so it’ll be fun to go back and have a cocktail overlooking the river. Speaking of dates…

Go on a date night at least twice a month. Ryan and I have been so all consumed with the house, Cole, my sisters’ kids, that it’s easy to forget about us. Painting the bathroom or pulling weeds while we have a babysitter does not count as a date night. I want to get dressed up, go out, and connect. We’ve been wanting to go to Atlantic City so hopefully we can get this on the calendar. :)

Go to the doctor’s appointments I’ve been putting off. Wah. When did I get old and have so many responsibilities?!

Go to the beach at least twice. I’m kind of cheating on this one because we have two beach trips already scheduled. Sometimes I like to add things to my to-do list just so I can cross them off.

Go to the farm with Cole. I used to go to this farm when I babysat for Kate and Will and we loved it. We probably went almost every week and it was a perfect day out to just let the kids explore. Now that Cole can walk (!!!) and thinks every animal is called Jack (our cat’s name) I think he’ll have fun.

Finish powder room. We closed on the house one year and 2 days ago and the powder room has been demoed to studs since about the same time. I forgot we even have a powder room. I was getting used to storing cases of water in that empty room! Ryan’s painted and tiled this weekend so we’re almost there.

 Be more active. I’ve finally lost the baby weight, so I just need to tone up. I feel sluggish and out of shape so I want to start doing Yoga to get centered. There’s a local park that has weekly classes outside by the river and I’ve been meaning to try it. Now is the time!

Have a water fun fight. Speaking of finding my zen, I want to remember what summer actually felt like as a kid. I have water guns and water balloons on deck for the next weekend my niece and nephew stay over. :)

Read at least three books. It seems this is on my list every year but I never find the time to actually read. All my shows I watched are over and I’ve given up facebook (the ultimate time waster). I’m currently reading “The Secret” and even though it’s a bit extreme, I’m reading it with an open mind. I have “Still Alice“, a self help book (not the most appropriate for summertime fun), and a light hearted comedy about a woman finding herself after her family goes through a tragedy. It’s supposed to be funny so I’m looking forward to that one. Do you have any books you’d recommend?

Create our 2014 “family yearbook”. When I was pregnant and nesting, I created books for each year we were married. I’d love to find an afternoon with some silence (ha!) so I can relax and put together our visual memories of last year.

Do you have any big plans for this summer? I’d love to hear what’s on everyone’s bucket list for the summer. xo

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