Phone Addict

This article made me laugh. I am on my phone way too often… it’s the first thing I look at in bed, and the last thing I look at in bed. I check my emails because I need to make sure all clients are happy and I hate having red numbers notifying me that people are waiting for responses to texts.  I didn’t realize how bad it was until my son recently started mimicking me. Every morning, he walks around with my phone in one hand and my chapstick (I’m addicted) in the other. It’s actually really adorable but made me realize how he sees me. I know there are apps that tell you how many times you actually look at your phone, but I’m too embarrassed to know the actual number. What would happen if you didn’t actually take your phone out? These made me laugh out loud.

  • “Someone will post a photo of a brunch sandwich—like, a really great brunch sandwich, one with bacon and avocado—and I won’t get to comment, “omg where.”
  • “Someone will send me an e-mail marked “URGENT” and it will, for once, actually be quite urgent (probably about free food), and I won’t see it until it’s too late (all the free food is gone).”
  • “I will get bangs without consulting everyone I know on the Internet, and they will be a mistake, as bangs ALWAYS ARE.”
  • “I will have to spend at least one second of my life not agonizing over how everyone else’s life seems better. (How are you always at a cottage? Who drove you there? You don’t have a car and I don’t understand.)
  • “I will make eye contact with someone.”
  • “I won’t be able to post photos of my boyfriend and me being in love, so people will just have to assume we’re in love without photographic proof, which is basically the same as announcing our separation.”
  • “Ignoring texts that I don’t want to answer will suddenly become unintentional and therefore meaningless.”
  • “My mother will leave a voice mail saying, “Hey, it’s me, your mom, just checking in,” and my phone will buzz for weeks until I finally get around to deleting it.”
  • “It will be literally impossible to know what the weather is. Is it raining? Is it hot? WHAT DO I DO IF IT IS HOT?”


Hope it made you smile as much as I did. xo

Via A Cup of Jo.

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