River Edge, NJ Interior Design Entry

River Edge Project – For Sale!

When I first started my company, I remember getting a phone call from a new mom who was overwhelmed with finishing her house. She originally wanted me to just do accessories which turned into furnishing some rooms. Over the course of the project, this client and I became fast friends and we are 100% kindred spirits. I have never met another person who is so much like me in so many ways, that it’s beautiful and strange at the same time. :)
Fast forward a few years and this very same client bought a vacation home in California and they hired me to design the entire home. I couldn’t have been more honored that they thought of me to help them again – that is the biggest compliment! Now they’re moving to California and even though I’m sad to see this beautiful family move away, I’m so excited for what their future holds.
Their house that I helped design is officially on the market. Check out this video the realtor did of the house – it’s such a fun way to see the spaces!


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