The baby’s nursery

The baby’s nursery is one of my favorite rooms in the house. It’s really teeny, so it makes it really cozy to be in. Ryan’s been using it for a “gym” and by gym I mean it has a weight bench that the cats lay on more than he does. :) Sometimes I go in there and sit and daydream about what it’s going to be like to rock our son in there. It gets the most beautiful lighting in the afternoon adding even more coziness to the space.

I’ve started doing some research but I keep going back to the same items. I may need some help making decisions! I can easily make them for clients, but have a hard time making them for myself. Which do you like best?!  I’m leaning more towards option 1, but knowing me I’ll probably continue to do more research.

Option 1:
Using orange, blue and gray color scheme are more boyish and fun.

Slide 1

Option 1 Sources:
Paint (Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore)


Option 2:
By using the subtle mint and gray color scheme, I’ll add some personality by mixing patterns like chevron, stripes and polka dots. Slide 1

Option 2 Sources:

Paint (Teresa’s Green by Farrow and Ball)
Below are the runners-up for the rocker and crib.

joya_ottoman4_1Joya Rocker
I love the style of this rocker, but I’m worried that it might be too deep for the space.

Graham Glider
I love the look of this glider, but it’s just too deep. So bummed!










BabyLetto Mercer Crib
I love the look of this crib and the fact that it converts to a toddler crib, but I kept going back to the clean lines of the ikea crib. Although the storage below this crib is a bonus, I like how clean the other crib looks. Am I crazy?

Baby news and nursery plans

Yesterday I got a call from my doctor with results from some recent bloodwork. The baby looks perfectly healthy which is a huge relief! There is also a newish blood test that can see the gender at only 15 weeks and we chose to find out. I was sitting in Penn Station in NYC coming home from a client meeting when I got the news. Not traditional by any means but I just couldn’t wait a few weeks to get the news in person! I conferenced Ryan in and the doctor told us that we’re having a healthy baby boy!

I was sitting on the steps waiting for my train to go home and I just sat there in shock. A baby boy! Now it feels more real because we can refer to the baby as “him” or “he” instead of “it”. I hope he’s as much of a mama’s boy as his daddy is! :)

I’m only 15 weeks right now but I’m a planner and I’d love to have everything chosen for the nursery pretty soon. I’m looking into having a small scale glider made because the room is so tiny and that can take up to 3 months. In the nursery plan below you can see how tiny it is! We really only have room for a crib, dresser and maybe a glider if we squeeze it in! We have overhead lighting, but I’m going to use a low lighting floor lamp for mid night feedings. We have a small radiator right under the window so I had my amazing carpenter make a shelf like this to sit on top so it can serve as a side table.

My next project that I am really excited about is revamping the closet. Right now the closet in the nursery has one shelf and one bar which really doesn’t provide enough storage especially since there won’t be much dresser storage. There is also a pipe running through the closet which is a huge eyesore. My plan for this week is to redo the insulation around the pipe, and remove the shelves. I’d like to install two shelves/bars above each other like this so we have more clothing storage. I’m also going to add a tall skinny cube bookshelf for things like shoes, towels, and sheets. Why does organizing make me so happy?!


Below are some inspiration images I’ve been pinning on pinterest. Ryan said I could do whatever I want (we’ll see how honest he was being) so I’m looking for something light, bright and fun. I love nurseries that aren’t too gender specific but I’d like to have this room have some more color than the rest of the house. We already bought this dresser from ikea a while ago. I’ve had baby on the brain for a while and I loved this dresser so much that I was scared they’d discontinue it. Crazy, I know. I’ve started doing some research for cribs and rockers so once I’ve organized my thoughts I’ll share the options with you. I can’t wait!



oh, baby


baby sonogram

So…guess what? I’m pretty sure you have an idea. Ryan and I are expecting a little jelly bean this April! We are still in shock even if we’ve had a few months to digest this exciting news. It’s something that we’ve wanted for so long, but the moment it’s confirmed that there is a tiny human growing inside of you reminds you how real it is. If you follow me on instagram, you may have already seen some bump pictures and I am so loving being pregnant. I haven’t had any sickness (knock on wood!) but have felt incredibly exhausted which is to be expected. I just entered the second trimester so I’m looking forward to seeing my belly grow and to finally feel some movement.

I’m so excited to share the inspiration I’ve been collecting for the baby’s nursery! To be honest, I’ve probably been collecting photos for years. I blame on my baby fever, although I’ve been passing it off on “design inspiration for clients”. Apparently I’m too transparent because everyone was calling me out on my pinterest pins. The nursery is barely bigger than a 5×7 rug so it’ll be a challenge to create an organized and cozy space. We find out the sex within the next week or so and I am so anxious to find out! Once we know what we’re having I’ll start taking photos to share the process along the way.
Eeek! I still can’t believe it.

I’m alive!

I realize I haven’t posted in a while and I’m so sorry! I recently took on a few new projects and have been pretty busy! (A good problem to have!) I have a bunch of great ideas for posts, so once things slow down a bit I will be back. Until then feel free to check out my Pinterest page… I’m often on there late at night getting a little inspiration fix!

Below are some neutral fall inspired color schemes I was playing around. I love the top floral pattern, the burgundy leather from Kravet and the cinnamon colored fabrics in the bottom photo.



p.s. You can see more fall inspiration here.

Charge it!


Ryan never understands why I carry my phone everywhere (even when I’m cooking), and place it down face first on the counter top. Maybe if we had this counter he would stop acting like a grandpa complaining! :) Dupont will start adding Powermat’s wireless charging technology to their corian product allowing you to charge your devices when they are placed on the surface. I am so anti-clutter and love that this will eliminate ugly charging wires from kitchens, or even offices. I would love to make a custom desk with a beautiful walnut base and a corian top. (Maybe like this or this.) Durable and functional? My kind of design.

p.s. I am still collecting my thoughts from last week’s alt NYC. I plan on putting together a post tomorrow or this weekend to share what I’ve learned. :)

Hello, Lover


Sarah Jessica Parker has now partnered with George Malkemus, CEO of Manolo Blahnik, to create her own shoe collection. My first thought? “Finally!”. My second thought? “What took so long?!”. It makes total sense that she would finally have her own shoe collection after her style fame on Sex and the City. It will be named SJP and will be sold exclusively through Nordstrom early next year. I’ve been a long time fan of hers and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with!