The Safe House

I am not one to believe that there is going to be a Zombie Apocalypse any time soon, but I have to admit that this “zombie safe house” is pretty creative. Designed by KWK Promes, this modernist house provides security when it folds upon itself. The entrance and windows are covered by thick concrete “shutters” when in nap mode and it’s interiors are so beautiful, simple and modern. Kind of crazy, kind of amazing, don’t you think?

modern zombie proof house
modern zombie proof house

modern zombie proof house

Check out this blog for more photos.



Camera Class

This weekend Ryan and I tackled one of my goals for the summer: taking a photography class! I’ve had an interest in photography since middle school, and have taken photography classes for film previously in school. I have a DSLR that I’ve been using that takes beautiful pictures but I wasn’t using it to it’s full potential. I was getting too comfortable using the automatic settings (the running man has always been my favorite!) and I was getting frustrated when it didn’t do what I want. That’s the beautiful thing about technology… it never listens to you.

We took a beginner class at a local community school for adults (when did I become an adult!? ;) and we learned the basics: aperature, shutter speed and ISO. Very simple, but learning it all over again with a digital camera made a world of difference. I’ve been taking pictures all weekend just to test out different settings and so I can be more confident when I have to adjust the settings quickly. I’m so excited to start taking more photos for my blog, and to see how my portfolio photos change post-class. Below are some random photos from the weekend…

DSC_0019 A little college door reflection selfie.

DSC_0278My little baby girl, Shiloh. #crazycatlady

My feisty niece Kaytlynn on Father’s Day. Ryan took this of her and she was totally flirting with him.

DSC_0009Some random guy from my photography class that I happened to be married to. :)

 So, now that I actually know how to use my camera properly I want to start bringing it out more. (i.e. stop using my iPhone to take so many photos!) I’ve been on the hunt for a larger, durable camera bag that doesn’t scream “nerd” or “tourist” : two words that could probably easily describe us. I wanted one that looks like a purse, but as you can imagine Ryan wasn’t pleased with that idea since he carries it sometimes, too. Below are some options that I love… perfect for bloggers, interior designers, or just photographers who want to look a little more fashionable.

Obsessed with this doctor style camera bag but Ryan said he wouldn’t feel comfortable carrying this through an airport since it looks like a purse.

Also love this vintage leather bag, but decided against it because it didn’t have any interior compartments for little things like extra SD cards.

This leather camera purse was vetoed because of the feminine style and the price tag. Although I still secretly daydream about it.

We ended up going with this more affordable option since it is a compromise between the styles I love and because it’s pretty gender neutral. I love that it’s leather, has enough interior storage, and doesn’t scream “Camera bag!”. I also bought this leather wrist strap since the usual neck straps are always so bulky. I can’t wait to start taking more photos! Get ready, readers!

Summer To-Do

summer to do

This past weekend was the first weekend in a while where we didn’t have firm plans, and it felt so refreshing to do as we please. We went to our nephews baseball game early Saturday morning, had a date night at the beach, went to the mall (where we used to have so many “dates” as teenagers), and went to an early movie on Sunday evening. Now that it’s the unofficial start of summer, I made a little to-do list for the summer to inspire myself to enjoy more unplanned moments and to appreciate the nostalgia of Summer vacation.

  • Take a day trip to Connecticut to tour the Glass House by Philip Johnson. I never realize it was only an hour and a half away!
  • Enjoy date nights at the boardwalk. (We went this past weekend, but I want to go more often to support those effected by Superstorm Sandy. It was scary to think we almost lost a nostalgic landmark where most NJ residents spent their Summers as kids.)
  • Grill at least once a week. I often grill, but I want to try more grilling recipes that are more sophisticated than just burgers and hot dogs. If you follow me on Pinterest, you may notice I’ve been pinning more recipes here.
  • Visit the Rain Room at MoMA
  • Camp at at least two new campsites. We probably camp about once every three weeks or so, but we always go to the same site which my brother-in-law affectionately calls our “vacation home”. I think it’s time to experience new places.
  • Bike the trail in New Hope, PA. We’ve been meaning to fix our bikes, but our tires have been flat for two years. Whoops!
  • Take a photography class. (Ryan and I both signed up for a class for the end of June. I’m looking forward to learning new techniques so I can properly shoot my interior spaces.)
  • Hike and kayak more. I hate exercising, but hiking and kayaking are actually activities I enjoy.
  • Visit the NYC flea markets. My favorites are Hell’s Kitchen and the Garage.
  • Visit Lambertville, NJ flea market. I’ve never been there before, but I’ve heard great things!
  • Go to the beach more. Last year I only went once, and it ended up raining!
  • Read more before bed. Now that all my favorite TV shows are finished for the season, why not curl up with a good book?! I just finished Gone Girl and don’t know what to read next because I loved it so much. Any suggestions?



smart window coverings

As much as I think I’m tech savvy, something new and exciting is always coming out! This window film by Sonte can be applied to your windows and go from transparent to opaque in a second thanks to your smart phone. How crazy is that?! This product is perfect for almost any room, and can even be used as a backdrop for a TV projector. For about about a ten square foot section it will cost you about $284 for the film with the smart phone activated strip. Check out their video here on how easy it is to install. phone activated window film

via engadget.

Mid-Century Modern

If I ever had a summer home in a warmer climate, this home in Cape Town is what it would look like. Ever since I visited the Stahl house last month, I’ve had mid-century modern design on the brain! This is the perfect way to mix new and vintage furniture, and to incorporate feminine and masculine pieces. I absolutely love white kitchens (they always look so clean!) and Ryan is obsessed with warm woods, and vintage grasshopper chairs. (He is always talking about these vintage inspired chairs I used for an office project!)

What is your perfect fantasy home? Mine almost always include a comfy sectional to take a cat nap with my crazy kittens.

modern cape town mid century

modern cape town mid century
modern cape town mid century
modern cape town mid century
modern cape town mid century

All photos by Warren Heath via escapade.

p.s. My future cabin will look like this, this or this. :)

p.s.s This is my dream home… with update interiors, of course!

San Francisco

The last four days were spent in a city we fell in love with instantly… San Francisco. Unfortunately Ryan and I both caught a nasty cold the entire time we were here, but we made the best out of it. We stayed at this swanky hotel called The Clift designed by Philippe Stark. It was really minimal, but probably the most homey hotel I’ve ever stayed in. The ceilings were probably 12′ in the rooms, and the window treatments made it feel less like a hotel but more like your master bedroom.

We checked out each neighborhood and we were surprised how much like Manhattan the city felt like. Although it was more beautiful, clean, and friendly. ;) And all the food was so fresh! We loved walking on Pier 39, which felt like home because we always love going to boardwalks at the Jersey Shore. I also really loved Sausolito, a quaint little city right across from the Golden Gate Bridge. Ryan’s number one thing he wanted to do was see the Redwood trees. (There’s a reason why his friend calls him “Ry Dry the nature guy”..) It was unbelievable to see how BIG they are!
The last night we were there, we went to an outdoor food festival called Off the Grid. There were about 30 food trucks, a few wine trucks, and a few local brewery trucks. We ate the best tacos ever (seriously) listening to live music and drinking cocktails. The entire trip was huge inspiration for my cooking, and I can’t wait to try their pulled pork tacos. I had chipotle shrimp tacos with pico de gaillo but scarfed it down before I could take a picture. It was that good!

All in all, our trip to California was really fun. It was the perfect mix of adventure, relaxation, and romance. :)