upstate retreat.

Adam Rolston, of Incorporated, leaves me speechless. The upstate NY retreat, featured in June’s Metropolitan Home, is a dramatic modern masterpiece. Every room is drenched in sunlight through the double story windows allowing the space to feel as lofty as a SOHO penthouse. Adam’s designs are thoughtful and pure, allowing the placement of furniture pieces to become architectural itself. 





By using the same light fixture throughout the space allows for visual interest while keeping the design simple. The fixture is actually an outdoor fixture but is incredibly sophisticated in this interior!


The drop in bathub gives the industrial feeling tub a luxurious spa-like feeling.




[metropolitan home]

does your home resemble your ensembles?

Some say that dogs look like their owners, or that peoples homes look like their wardrobe. What do you think? 




My favorite pair of shoes, that I have yet to wear, resemble the neutral colors of my condo and have interesting details that I’m often drawn to. Now if only they were as comfy as my throw blanket…



layers of oriental carpets.

I know I’m a little late with posting this, since the original NY Magazine article is from May, but I felt like I needed to. I spent my summers nannying in the sweet town that Maximilian Sinsteden, a Drew University student, created an authentic living space that is anything but a stereotypical dorm. The eclectic living space is filled with thrift store finds, and thoughtfully mismatched patterns that create a space so sophisticated and artfully curated. 




I have so many photos and art pieces that I’ve run out of wall space. I love the collage of memorable items!


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weekend in the woods

I had the most amazing weekend, and I’m sad that it’s over. I finally took a shower (it felt goood), and my hair still smells like the campfire that I help build in the pouring rain. 

It pretty much rained the entire weekend, with thunderstorms so loud that it sounded like a sound machine you could buy at the sharper image. But even me leaving the window open during the rain storm (whoops!) and getting our pillows soaked couldn’t stop us from enjoying the wilderness. 

After we found that I actually left the tent window open (novice mistake) I went to the camp laundry room to dry our bedding. When I was waiting outside, and looking at the “beware of bears – don’t leave food outside signs” to occupy my time, Ryan tells me to turn around, and how could I NOT see what was behind me.  It was a bear cub. A BEAR! It was far enough away to enjoy but close enough to know that there was a mama bear close by. 

Last night we made a big meal (chicken, roasted potatoes, green beans, sausage, peppers, and onions) and enjoyed the sunset with a family of swans. We didn’t even get to do everything we wanted to do, so I’m already planning the next trip…



If anyone has any good good recipes or tips for camping, please share! Hope you all had a great weekend!