i’m alive!

I guess I’ve taken an unofficial hiatus from writing. I find myself to be very lucky that I have a passion for design and a love for what I do… but sometimes I’d rather just stay in sweats all day so I don’t have to think about fabrics or colors. With my fifty-sixty hour work weeks designing interiors, piles of shelter magazines to read, facebook, twitter, and hours of emails to read, I found myself getting overwhelmed. sigh. Last night I even had a dream that I was living inside of a desktop computer in a room from an inspiration image I have. When life gets too serious, get silly. Happy Friday!


More posts to come! I promise. 

table of contents no more.

I hate clutter, especially when it’s involves piles of papers.  If I could have everything scanned and stored on my handy thumbdrive, I’d be a happy lady.  I’ve been slowly going green, and this helps reduce my carbon footprint while eliminating piles of junk mail on my kitchen table!


According to Real Simple, if everyone in the US recycled their paper it is equivalent to taking 5,511,566 cars taken off the road for one year. That’s pretty intense!

not an exit.

So I live in a studio with my boyfriend, Ryan. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the studio part before. We bought it with the intentions of flipping and investing to eventually rent it now. Given the current economy (there goes that dirty word again) we’ll need to be a little patient with investing in another property and just stay in the place we already spent months renovating. For now I can only dream of decorating a foyer, and drool over these uniquely beautiful entries.









outfit inspired room.

Still mourning the loss of domino magazine, I’ve been trying to get my hands on any shelter magazine available. I know they can’t all cancel publishing because of the economy… right?

Before domino’s site was officially shut down, I saved and scanned any photos that inspired me.  I must admit I even tried buying every back issue. Unfortunately being a grown up forces me to spend those few hundred dollars on better things (lame).



Love when interiors are inspired by favorite ensembles, especially now when I’m longing for white shirt and skirt weather.





The leather dining chair, designed by Bill Katavolos, is available exclusively through Karkula.  I’m loving the inexpensive army blanket mixed with the high-end sable colored chair.

tulip field color inspiration.

I haven’t been on vacation in about four years, and I’m dying to visit the Netherlands, where my Dad’s family is originally from. I never knew that tulips actually grew in fields like this, but seeing it gives me a whole new appreciation for this everyday store bought flower.