How to train your cats not to scratch

How to protect your furniture from pet claws

This maybe one of my more random blog posts, but I think it’s something many homeowners can relate to. How does this relate to interior design? Let me explain..

As you may remember, I have two little monsters who have taken a liking to scratching anything they can get their adorable little paws on. Our new upholstered dining chairs now have strings hanging off, and our family room area rug is now fringed on the ends because Shiloh likes to hide water bottle caps under it. She’s a strange one, that girl. Ryan suggested we get “anti-scratch” tape from target, but as it turns out the tape is basically only double sided tape. So not only did it look terrible, everyone’s clothes kept getting stuck to it. (I almost would have preferred the plastic furniture protectors my Grandmother used to use. Almost.)

“They” say online to spray the cats with a water bottle when they’re doing something wrong, but my cats don’t mind getting sprayed. Seriously, Jack just rolls around like it’s summertime in the sprinkler. I’ve caught him trying to eat chili off the stove top, and playing in the sink with the dishes. But that’s besides the point…

After meeting with a client who also has cats, she recommended these cat claw caps. They got amazing reviews on amazon, and they also come in sizes for dogs and come in different colors if you’re feeling adventurous (aka a crazier cat lady than me). :) You definitely need two people to apply them because they are applied with animal safe glue (I glue my fingers together multiple times), but they are definitely worth it and have been holding up pretty good so far!

See how this relates to interior design? Now I don’t have to put tape on my beautiful new-ish furniture, and don’t have to worry about two adorably curious kittens literally hanging on my dining chairs by their front claws. Wow. No wonder my nephew says that I’m lucky that I’m married. :)

How to train your cats not to scratch

Look at that mug! :)


Bathroom Remodel Project

Over the past few weeks I’ve been helping my friends’ mother design her outdated bathroom. After seeing this bathroom with pink tiles (very similar to the bathroom in the house where I grew up!) I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! The design goal was to update it with modern, durable finishes at a modest price point. This is the main bathroom primarily used by three young, active children so I knew everything needed to withstand the test of time. Having nephews (and a sweet baby niece) I know how easily children can destruct something you thought could never break. The shower tiles are classic white subway tiles that will never look dated, and the flooring we installed is a beautiful linen porcelain tile similar to this. Choosing beautiful materials is the easy part! The biggest challenge was finding a quality vanity that was about 14″ deep with enough counter space. The space is very, very narrow and I needed something to free up floor space to make the bathroom visually appear larger. The toilet location is staying as is because if we flipped it your knees would hit the tub when you sat down. Not the most comfortable seat!

Below are some cell phone progress shots so I apologize if they’re blurry. Once the project is completed I’ll take some proper after shots!


photo 2

photo 3

photo 5


AFTER DEMO / AFTER NEW SHEETROCK INSTALLED: (What a HUGE difference already, don’t you think!?)




photo 22

photo 12

Phew! I am so excited to see the final result. Now if only my parents would let me remodel their bathroom already…. :)

home office

Office Inspiration

What I love most about my “job” is the amazing people I meet on a daily basis. With every new project I get to learn about how the client uses the space, or what their individual needs are and you’d be surprised how different each and every story is. Last month I met with a new client and we ended up talking for hours about everything from textured wall paper to parenting techniques. Somehow my conversations are always very random. :) I am designing a home office for an incredible family right outside of Manhattan and I am so, so excited about it! Below is the inspiration my client sent to me via pinterest. It’s amazing how technology is changing how we communicate and develop relationships, don’t you think? Anywho, how amazing is this space?!

home office


Let’s Go To Bed

Now that we’re talking about bedrooms, I can share with you the beds I’ve been looking at for the past 7 months. :) Once we bought the new dresser, we scored these nightstands from Crate and Barrel (now discontinued) for only $99 each! We’ve had them in the attic because they don’t really go with our current wood headboard (leftover from Ryan’s pre-married bedroom). Our plan was to take them down when we got a new bed frame but that hasn’t really happened yet. Every time we travel we always get a room with a king size bed and I always end up getting the best nights sleep. Ryan’s 6’2″ and I’m 5’10” and our cats have taken to sleeping on my head or my neck. Needless to say, I am often scrunched up into a little ball at the edge of our queen size bed causing my back to hurt every single morning. Pilates and yoga have helped a little bit but I think a king size bed will allow me to finally have a restful nights sleep. Ryan is being very picky about his requirements: needs to be free (ha!) or inexpensive, have nail heads or have a little bit of detail. He suggested doing a DIY headboard, but it’s important to me to have the frame upholstered too so we can finally get rid of our old lady bed skirt. What do you think? Do you have a favorite? I’m leaning towards the last bed option because it’s affordable, has Ryan’s nail heads, and has a modern upholstered base.


Crate and Barrel Ronan Nightstand

Mitchel Gold Bob Williams Yates Bed Room and Board Wyatt Bed

Room and Board Upholstered Bed


West Elm Nailhead Upholstered Bed

Beds 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Should I lacquer my dresser?

I’ve found that with most people, myself included, redecorate their bedroom last because “nobody sees it” when realistically it is one of the most important rooms in your house. Although our bedroom has come a long way since we’ve moved in, we’ve had Ryan’s matchy-matchy “bachelor” furniture for years and I’m itching to completely redesign the room. My urge to redesign started with a vintage dresser we picked up last year in New Hope. It honestly only feels like months ago. We weren’t planning on getting new furniture but we figured it would be a sweet “gift” to each other for our first anniversary. I love the storage, and brass handles but hate the wood. (Is it oak? I think so.) As soon as it was delivered Ryan started sanding it and re-staining it a darker color. At the time I thought it looked nice, especially because he is amazing at refinishing furniture, but, there is something about it that doesn’t excite me. The grain just makes it look old instead of a beautiful antique piece of furniture. Even though he spent all that work on it, I really really want to lacquer it. (Sorry, Ryan!) I’m thinking a deep navy like this would be so beautiful and would add some color. What do you think? I usually am against painting wood, but the cheap looking grain on this wood is driving me crazy.




Vintage refinished dresser