River Edge, NJ Interior Design Entry

River Edge Project – For Sale!

When I first started my company, I remember getting a phone call from a new mom who was overwhelmed with finishing her house. She originally wanted me to just do accessories which turned into furnishing some rooms. Over the course of the project, this client and I became fast friends and we are 100% kindred spirits. I have never met another person who is so much like me in so many ways, that it’s beautiful and strange at the same time. :)
Fast forward a few years and this very same client bought a vacation home in California and they hired me to design the entire home. I couldn’t have been more honored that they thought of me to help them again – that is the biggest compliment! Now they’re moving to California and even though I’m sad to see this beautiful family move away, I’m so excited for what their future holds.
Their house that I helped design is officially on the market. Check out this video the realtor did of the house – it’s such a fun way to see the spaces!


JK Place Malibu

I’m back! I haven’t been blogging in quite some time because I’ve been updating my website… and by that I mean Ryan has been working late nights to get everything up and running and I’ve been annoying and over-analyzing every single detail. :) I wanted the site to be a bit simpler in design but with more content. It has a few more projects that I photographed over the winter and a new bio page to add a bit more of my personality. I plan on blogging at least once a week so I need to add a reminder to my phone to make sure that happens. (I’ve also been planning on eating healthy and working out, but yet my pants are tighter. Let’s hope I have better success with blogging!) So here I am…

I’ve had this post saved in my inbox for almost two months and needed to blog about it because it’s just so beautiful. Chic boutique hotel group JK Place had a pop up hotel in Malibu this past March and I’m in love with the modern California vibe. After doing some research, it turns out the house is owned by real estate maven Kurt Rappaport and is estimated to be valued at $100 million.(!!!!)
I love the light wood ceiling and the mix of gray with warm buttery leather. I am so in love with the media room! Everything about it looks so cozy: the sunken in sectional, the huge coffee table to kick your feet up, the built ins, and large scale art casually leaning against the wall. This room especially will definitely be pinned up in my office for inspiration!














Discovered via Habitually Chic.


Edgewater, NJ Interior Design

Edgewater, NJ Bachelor Pad

If you follow me on facebook, you may have seen these photos I shared of my project in Edgewater a while back.

I worked on this townhouse two years ago right up until I gave birth to my little boy. I was actually finishing up tasks while I was in labor which sounds pretty crazy looking back, but I guess you can say I’m committed to my work. :)

This project was a complete remodel for a busy entrepreneurial bachelor and I am so happy with the outcome. The “before” pictures were from the previous owners listing, but they give you an idea of what a huge transformation happened quickly in a span of about 4 months.


























kourtney kardashian kitchen

Reality Kitchen

I rarely watch television but when I do find the time, I enjoy this educational documentary called Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Have you heard of it? ;) You either love them or hate them, but I love to see their homes, wardrobes, and makeup. As much as people hate them, you have to admit they are trendsetters. I was watching an episode recently and paid way more attention to Kourtney’s kitchen. I’ve been doing a lot of white kitchens lately (giving the people what they want!) but I really love this light greyish wood with the white counter tops. It’s super modern in comparison to the tumbled flooring and wood beams. Love.


Her old house had some questionable rooms (kitchen included) so I’m loving what she did in her new space. I should be embarassed that I watch trash TV, but whatever inspires me, right?!


Does anyone want to hire me so I can replicate this design for their kitchen?! Anyone?



Hudson, NY

Hudson, NY

This October Ryan and I were able to sneak away for a weekend getaway while my amazing sister-in-law stayed with Cole. I’ve been meaning to post pictures for way too long, but it’s better late than never, right? What’s the point in taking pictures if you can’t over-instagram or blog about it?! Kidding. (Or am I?)


I’ve been wanting to explore Hudson, NY for years now. We love New Hope and we’ve heard from friends that it has a similar vibe and they were right. Ryan isn’t a fan of B&B’s so I was so excited to find The Barlow, a fancy schmancy boutique hotel with modern interiors. Apparently there are only two hotels in the area, and this is one of them. We tried making reservations years ago at another place and learned that apparently you need to make reservations six months-a year in advance. After the year we had, we needed a mini-vacation (and a real vacation!) so I booked it in just enough time.


We arrived on a Friday evening and since everything closes early, we just walked around and did some window shopping, ate our weight in mexican food and drank the best margaritas I’ve ever had. It was such a luxury to do just be us… and do what we wanted when we wanted. I wish I could say we even had the luxury to sleep in but my husband has the internal clock of a toddler and can’t spend his time being unproductive. (He’s a freak, but it works to my advantage when Cole wakes up early on weekends. :)


We spend our Saturday shopping for furniture, art and accessories that, in Hudson, are completely out of our price range. Everything in town seemed to be refereed to as “artisinal” including items like cheese, candles, wine and coffee. So Ryan would say the word “artisinal” for everything even when we got home… asking for artisinal bacon or artisinal pancakes for breakfast. And then there was this one store where my husband developed a man crush on a furniture shop owner. Ryan loved every piece in the store and said that this man was living his dream life… buying old furniture, refinishing it and selling it for a huge profit. I was so amused by the “crush” that I forgot to take pictures of any pieces. We walked by the next day and it was closed and he looked longingly into the store and said he wished he asked him what he used to clean his wood. I kid you not. We both couldn’t stop laughing. (Disclaimer: Ryan, my straight husband, is really good at refinishing furniture and was genuinely interested in what materials this mystical man used.) :) Thinking of this still makes me laugh as I type this. You’re one of a kind, Mr. Dreissig.


The rest of this post is very picture heavy, but I was so inspired and couldn’t stop taking pictures. I love the fall: the colors, the scarves, the crisp air. It’s hard to believe it’s December!


IMG_0229One night we headed over to Chatham, NY and did some beer tasting at Chatham Brewing Company.


We really lucked out and they were having a chili tasting festival on the Hudson. It was so interesting to see how each was different. Some added pumpkin and some had a sweet chili with apples. Our fave was from American Glory made of pulled pork and was so amazing. I asked the owner, dressed in a leather vest and chaps, for the recipe and he laughed at me.

Just a beautiful home. I love Ivy growing up a brick facade. I’m also super creepy taking pictures of people homes. ;)

We both really enjoyed the John Davis Gallery. This art by Daisy Craddock was so beautiful. Each piece was of landscaped created with acrylic and oil pastels on paper. I wish they weren’t sold (or so expensive) because I loved the colors and texture. I am always drawn to art with trees for some reason.


The same gallery also had this back space where a building (an warehouse I think?) houses sculptures and more art. It was a unique way to experience art for sure.



Even the wine shops were beautiful!

This was my favorite showroom and now it’s driving me nuts because I can’t remember the name. I think it was called Hudson Home but I can’t find a website. I loved their store front, florals, wood floor color, everything.


IMG_0157  IMG_0155




Another gallery/store I can’t remember the name of but aren’t these colors beautiful? They had beautiful accessories and fun hats that didn’t fit on my gigantic head. :)




Personal Basement Project: The Plan and Before Pics

Now that it’s cooling off, we’re focusing our attention on inside projects. And by we, I mean I’ve been obsessively thinking about finishing the basement so I can have a bigger office and a non-creepy laundry room! Ryan talks about it here and there, but he doesn’t understand how happy this project will make me. When looking for houses, a basement with high ceilings that didn’t get water was a priority for us because we knew eventually I’d need a bigger office. The previous owner installed french drains right before we closed (woo-hoo!) and we’ve lived here a year and thankfully haven’t gotten any water. We wanted to live here a bit, during a few big storms to test the system out.

We live in a center hall colonial, so our basement is broken up into 3 rooms: the laundry room/utility room, the main space, and a small storage room. Here’s the plan:

Proposed Plan (6)


My Office:
This space is pretty big and has pretty high ceilings for a basement. We’re going to remove the fluorescent lighting and install recessed lighting, and we’ll have to have a minor soffit around the perimeter for pipes. It’s an old house and we don’t want to mess with the plumbing. We have baseboard heat down there too which is a bonus!

I want to have a long desk along the back wall, with pin boards above. I can use this to create fabric schemes, instead of having inspiring fabrics get lost in the shuffle. I’m working on a desk design now, but it will be simple: lateral file storage below and shelving on each far side.
I need a huge table to lay out papers, especially for presentations. I’m a very visual person so I need to have things laid out to ensure everything stays organized and completed on time.

DSC_2143This picture is looking towards “closed sample storage” on the plan.

IMG_3895This picture is looking towards the laundry room entrance.

IMG_3894This picture was from when we first moved in so it is not as clean. The fancy bar from the previous owners has since been removed and replaced with several boxes of samples for projects. This view is looking towards my soon-to-be desk. We’re hoping to frame and close in the crawlspace access since we don’t need it.


The creepy, dungeon-like laundry room:
I hate this room so much. The layout doesn’t make sense, most of the lights don’t work, and the slop sink was broken. We removed that last month finally and it was extremely heavy to haul up the stairs. (Thankfully I didn’t have to do it. :) I’ve always dreamed of having a bright, clean laundry room that was organized and a happy place to do chores. This room will probably be phase 2 of the basement project, but I wanted to have the plans in place.

Looking towards the laundry area. Boo.

Utility area when we first moved in. The boiler was a BEAST. This picture doesn’t do it justice because it was about as tall as I am and so heavy. It took a year to finally get a guy who was willing to remove it. Thankfully, our basement now looks like this below:

IMG_1432Ryan works for an HVAC supplier, so we got this fancy equipment for an awesome price. I don’t know what any of it does, but every man that comes into our basement is impressed by it. Wait, that sounds weird… it’s not like I have lots of men hang out in my creepy basement. Anyway… How bout that fancy interior designer cat litter box?! haha.

IMG_1431This is area will hopefully eventually be our laundry area. We have plumbing on that side and it’s room enough to have a large hanging bar for drying clothes. I hardly dry anything so I’d love to have a space to hang clothes.

I’ll do a separate post with the inspiration images and furniture I hope to use since this post is getting wordy and my son is waking up from his nap… gotta’ love cold season and sick days…