To Do: Order Birth Announcements

I love to-do lists and have been reading quite a few recently to get prepared for the baby.  A common recommendation is to pick out your birth announcements ahead of time. I started looking at Minted and fell in love! I’ve ordered my personal and professional Christmas cards from them  for the past two years. I love their thick card stock and artsy stationary designs. They even have beautiful art prints, and an adorable blog with DIY crafts! You should definitely check it out if you’re looking for easy Valentine’s Day craft ideas!

Here are my current favorites: the fieldsThe Fields Abstract Print : I love the colors and the movement. striped suits

Striped Suit Art Print : Cute for a modern beach house.


Baby Sophisticate Birth Announcement


Taylor Birth Announcement

birth announce

Big Baby Name Birth Announcement


Hello Baby Birth Announcement

There are too many adorable options for birth announcements! I think I’m loving Hello Baby. :) Which one is your favorite? Now I just have to print the labels for the cards. One less thing to do once I have a newborn at home!

How To: Turn Used Candles Into Vases

I have a bit of a candle addiction. I love them so much that my neighbor gave me one for Christmas because she sees that I even like to light them in lanterns in the garden. How sweet is that?! I’ve been hoarding the glasses of used candles because they are perfect sizes for tiny floral bouquets. (Another guilty pleasure of mine? Fresh flowers every week.)

Here’s how you can recycle your candles:

photo 1

1. Place your candles on trivets or hot plates while you boil water in your tea pot.
2. Pour boiling water into each of your candles and fill to the top. You’ll start to see the wax melt and travel to the top of the candle holder.
3. Wait for wax to solidify. Once it gets solid (may still be a bit gooey) take it out with your hands and discard. Be careful – the water can still be hot!
4. Once you remove the wax pieces, wash with soap and water.

photo 2

Voila! It’s that easy! The whole process takes about 15 minutes. Now I have a ton of small vases that are perfect for low arrangements for dinner parties.

photo 5

Edgewater, NJ Progress

I recently started working on a project in Edgewater, NJ that overlooks NYC and I could not be more excited! I started the project two weeks ago, and the entire townhouse is already demoed and we have the majority of the finishes chosen. It’s so much fun to see results so quickly! So far the most drastic change is this kitchen. Take a deep breath and check out the neon lit back splash. If the lights and the orange veneered cabinets don’t scream the 90’s, I don’t know what does. (Well, I guess side tied tee-shirts and big hair do, too. But that’s besides the point…)

Neon Backsplash

kitchen during

Doesn’t it already look better?! In the kitchen we’re doing ivory cabinets, a mushroom counter top and a glass mosaic back splash. We’re also replacing the wood floors throughout the entire house and went with a grayish brown wood (below) with a matte finish so my client’s puppies don’t scratch the finish. My client loves earth tones so my goal was to create a space that is modern but also warm and inviting.  Since the kitchen and adjacent family room overlook the George Washington Bridge and a view of the city,  it’s important that this space make a big impact since this is where everyone will hang out. The kitchen should be installed the week I have baby Dreissig, so I suppose it gives me one more thing to be excited about this coming April. :)

kitchen finishes

Custom Bookshelf Progress

This week has been a bit hectic to say the least… and it’s only Tuesday. It’s been that good hectic where things get done and you’re too busy and preoccupied to stuff your face with Chips Ahoy at your computer all day. (Who am I kidding?! There’s always time for pregnancy cravings!) My energy is slowly draining and this little tiny baby inside me doesn’t feel so tiny anymore. He’s kicking harder every day which is a sweet little reminder that I have only 8 weeks left (!!!) until he’s expected to change our lives forever. Needless to say, I’ve been on a mad dash to get things done, both professionally and personally.

This week we made some huge progress for my Allendale project. The custom bookshelves have been built! The next step is to stain them a deep, rich cherry stain to compliment the cooler toned fabrics we’ve chosen for the space. These pieces will go in my client’s living room and will house family photos, colorful books, and interesting objects that reflect the couple’s interests. We also included a drawer for storage to hide toys, games or other items that aren’t as beautiful. Wait until you see this room completed… I can hardly wait!

Custom bookshelf
Custom bookshelf

Westfield NJ Interior Design Living Room

Westfield, NJ Project

This week I photographed one of my recently completed projects in Westfield, NJ. (I even got to use my fancy new camera bag I mentioned here.) I designed the living room, dining room, and office for a young family who moved from NYC last year. They had a few existing pieces to incorporate, but the majority was a blank slate. My client scored the amazing mirror above the fireplace on eBay (can you believe that?!) and the Asian art was passed down to her from her mother. I always love using sentimental items and this art was the perfect addition.

During one of my last meetings, my client’s daughter was flipping though a coffee table book and chatting with me, while her brother was playing with his action figures on the coffee table. When he walked into the living room during this photo shoot he sighed and said, “Lisa, I just love this room.” It warms my heart and is so rewarding to see a family use the space that I designed.

See all pictures here!

Westfield NJ Interior Design Living Room

Westfield NJ Interior Design Living Room

Westfield NJ Interior Design Living Room

Westfield NJ Interior Design Living Room

Westfield NJ Interior Design Dining Room

Camera Bag

This morning I managed to squeeze in a photo shoot for one of my recently completed projects before the snow got too bad. This storm completely snuck up on me, but I welcome it! I needed time in my office to do paperwork and catch up on emails. (The glamorous life of a designer!)

Epiphanie Ginger - Caramel Camera Bag
I was finally able to use my new camera bag Ryan got me for Christmas! I’ve been on the hunt for one for a while, but eventually gave up because every bag I found either didn’t have space for all my lenses or it was way too expensive. My very sweet husband thought to surprise me with one, but unfortunately the company shipped the bag in a box that said “Epiphanie Camera Bags” in huge black letters. I tried to play dumb, but I knew weeks before Christmas morning. :) I am in love with it! It looks like a purse, has tons of storage, and the entire interior is padded.