metal easels

These metal easels are such a modern way to mount your artwork! I bought two of these today to display our escort cards for our wedding reception. Once I hear that there’s “limited stock” on something, it makes me want it even more so I knew I needed to have them right away. After the wedding, we’ll use them to display our art collection as a souvenir of April 23.

pillow talk

I’ve had this fabric sample leftover from a project for two years. I didn’t want to throw it out because I loved how modern the floral pattern was, but I also didn’t know what to do with it. Lately, I’ve become bored with my solid colored pillows, and thought this was a great way to bring a little pattern to our condo. I haven’t really sewn anything since making Tyler’s Halloween costume, so I was hesitant to get my sewing machine out. It only took breaking two machine needles trying to sew my first hidden zipper, but I’m loving the outcome!

The entire project cost $1.47(!) because I used free fabric samples to make the pillow. The only out of pocket cost was for the zipper I’ve had in my sewing box. Can you believe that?!

(The fabric is Lee Jofa GWF-2743 816)

rock star

A few weeks ago I found this rock while relaxing outside. I know what you’re probably thinking, “Is she really posting about a rock?”.  I thought it was beautiful because the white ring completely circles it, and I never saw anything like this before.  So I put it in my pocket, in hopes of using it as a paper weight “when I grow up”. Yes, I just posted about a rock.