wine cork trivet

I can’t tell if I love this or hate this, but it seems to be a pretty good concept. I know people who like to collect their wine corks, but never really do much with them other them displaying them in a vase. This is a great way to recycle your used corks and put them to use!


What do you think?

silver bangles

I adore the jewelry line, PICO, because it applies the values of design to a everyday wearable art. The line is primarily made of silver and teak and is gorgeous!

Pico silver and gold box bangle

I currently own this beauty, and don’t wear it enough! The silver is so delicate and the clasp is so interesting.

Pico silver twist bangle

I love how this silver bangle twists around your wrist so effortlessly. Love!

thrifty thursday

I am obsessed with Target. There are times where I just go there to walk around because that store just makes me happy. I’m not a big fan of animals prints in interiors or in my wardrobe, but I’m always drawn to leaopard print ballet flats. They’re a neutral in my eyes, and I almost always reach for them in my closet during the colder weather months.

Picture 1

I already own these leopard shoes (check out that fancy price tag!!), but I’m dying to buy this hammered gold ring. I think it was made for me. Seriously.

Picture 2