…and these are a few of my favorite things.

I’m always rearranging things. Always. I’m pretty lucky that Ryan doesn’t really care, in fact, I think he secretly enjoys it. As long as I don’t move his keys or wallet from their spot on the kitchen table I’m set.  

This little vignette in my living room makes me happy (…for now). I don’t have much storage, so I like to pile my books with special accessories on top. My parents recently gave me a vintage camera that I can remember playing with when I was a little girl. We also recently bought this fan that has the look of being vintage but is safer for our cat and curious nephews little fingers.

We recently went to some garage sales on a unnaturally cool June afternoon and found this gorgeous wooden box for only $5! This would have probably cost nearly $50 at a NY flea market, so this new purchase will leave me satisfied until my next styling rearranging fit. 






Another one of my favorite things is this butterfly I framed in a shadowbox frame. Ryan’s mom gave it to me because I’ve been in love with it for the past few years that she’s had it. I secretly want to believe she found it on the farm she grew up on, but she found it in a parking lot. :) Beautiful nonetheless!