Modern Mountaintop Cottage

Am I the only one craving Fall and the promise of cooler weather and cozy sweaters?! I didn’t think so.
After seeing these photos of this beautiful mountain cottage, I can’t help but daydream about sitting by the fire under a cozy blanket and reading a book. (I’ve been binge reading lately and it feels so good!) While I have to admit this house had a bit too much gray, it’s super dark and moody for a perfect weekend getaway to unwind. Do you agree or do you love all the gray?


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Pacific Views – CA project

This was one of the most fun projects I’ve worked on for several reasons: it was in sunny California(!), it was my first project on the west coast (while having my own company), it was my first project with a repeat client, and it was with my amazing client that became a great friend. All a win-win in my eyes! This project hasn’t even been fully completed but has gotten so much interest that my clients are considering offers since it’s their vacation home.
This project was a complete gut job and had some challenges but all worked out in the end. We decided to go with a vinyl wood flooring (doesn’t it look beautiful?!) since they are near the sand/water and have two small boys. We needed something durable and this flooring fit the bill. We wanted the design to be light, airy with pops of blue to coordinate with the stunning views. All finishes were considered with beauty, function and durability in mind. (Now that I have a toddler myself, it gives durability a whole new meaning in my eyes!)
I’m hoping that I get to go back in August to finish with accessories and books to take final detail shots. I am loving these pictures from the realtor for the time being. Look at that bluuuuuuuue!



Custom dresser in ivory satin lacquer and bronze hardware. 

Boys Bathroom Vanity:

Master bathroom:
Look at this amazing view! 

JK Place Malibu

I’m back! I haven’t been blogging in quite some time because I’ve been updating my website… and by that I mean Ryan has been working late nights to get everything up and running and I’ve been annoying and over-analyzing every single detail. :) I wanted the site to be a bit simpler in design but with more content. It has a few more projects that I photographed over the winter and a new bio page to add a bit more of my personality. I plan on blogging at least once a week so I need to add a reminder to my phone to make sure that happens. (I’ve also been planning on eating healthy and working out, but yet my pants are tighter. Let’s hope I have better success with blogging!) So here I am…

I’ve had this post saved in my inbox for almost two months and needed to blog about it because it’s just so beautiful. Chic boutique hotel group JK Place had a pop up hotel in Malibu this past March and I’m in love with the modern California vibe. After doing some research, it turns out the house is owned by real estate maven Kurt Rappaport and is estimated to be valued at $100 million.(!!!!)
I love the light wood ceiling and the mix of gray with warm buttery leather. I am so in love with the media room! Everything about it looks so cozy: the sunken in sectional, the huge coffee table to kick your feet up, the built ins, and large scale art casually leaning against the wall. This room especially will definitely be pinned up in my office for inspiration!














Discovered via Habitually Chic.


Sawyer Berson

I’m 6 days past my due date and still no baby here! I’ve been spending time resting and catching up on design inspiration to try and occupy myself. It’s easy to get burned out when you’re creative every single day so I’ve really been enjoying this down time to clear my head. I recently came across the firm Sawyer Berson out of NYC. How have I never seen their work?! They are an interdisciplinary firm specializing in architecture, interior design and landscape design and I can not get enough! Each of their projects are so unique – from South Hampton to Rodeo Drive – but they all have modern, clean lines. I could live in every one of their projects!


The Safe House

I am not one to believe that there is going to be a Zombie Apocalypse any time soon, but I have to admit that this “zombie safe house” is pretty creative. Designed by KWK Promes, this modernist house provides security when it folds upon itself. The entrance and windows are covered by thick concrete “shutters” when in nap mode and it’s interiors are so beautiful, simple and modern. Kind of crazy, kind of amazing, don’t you think?

modern zombie proof house
modern zombie proof house

modern zombie proof house

Check out this blog for more photos.



Mid-Century Modern

If I ever had a summer home in a warmer climate, this home in Cape Town is what it would look like. Ever since I visited the Stahl house last month, I’ve had mid-century modern design on the brain! This is the perfect way to mix new and vintage furniture, and to incorporate feminine and masculine pieces. I absolutely love white kitchens (they always look so clean!) and Ryan is obsessed with warm woods, and vintage grasshopper chairs. (He is always talking about these vintage inspired chairs I used for an office project!)

What is your perfect fantasy home? Mine almost always include a comfy sectional to take a cat nap with my crazy kittens.

modern cape town mid century

modern cape town mid century
modern cape town mid century
modern cape town mid century
modern cape town mid century

All photos by Warren Heath via escapade.

p.s. My future cabin will look like this, this or this. :)

p.s.s This is my dream home… with update interiors, of course!