melted wax

It’s no secret that there was a hurricane this past weekend on the east coast. While other people were buying a lifetime supply of water, I also stocked up on crayons and window shades to keep us occupied. Ryan installed window blinds in every window, and I created this art below to keep our minds off what was going on around us. (The crayon art inspiration originally seen here.) At first I didn’t know if I loved it, but the shocking colors are growing on me. I’m not sure if this is it’s permanent home, but I like having art in the house that I created.

Now that’s not to say we weren’t prepared for Irene. Ryan created a “survival kit” and was taking his job of being the man of the house very seriously. The area where we live in New Jersey did not get hit too hard – other than a few downed trees and some water in neighbors basements. Luckily we just moved in recently and don’t have too much stored in the basement and whatever was actually down there was propped up to prevent damage. I’m just so thankful that our friends families are safe!

Crayola crayons melted on canvas

A little fun fact about me: Everyone always says how my Volkswagen smells like crayons. Do you know anyone’s car that smells like crayola? :)

art inspiration

I can’t believe August is almost over and I’ve only crossed two things off my summer to-do list! Planning a move and minor renovation wasn’t in the plans so I’m extending my deadline for the fall. (Phew!) Since the east coast is expecting a hurricane tonight, I’m going to spend my weekend (inside) crossing some things off my list: reading, drinking wine and creating some art. Below are some beautiful pieces that I’ve had saved that are modern, abstract and so inspiring.

Jill Moser North Fork - Abstract Art

Rob Nadeau - Abstract Art

Abstract Art

West Elm art frame

(Artist Jill Moser, Artist Rob Nadeau, Interior Design Steven Gambrel, West Elm Artist Uknown, Yolanda Sanchez via Lonny.)

lead sculptures

I got an email a while ago from one of my closest friends with pencil lead sculptures by Dalton Ghetti and I needed to share. I typically don’t read forwarded emails, but the tiniest sculpted details fascinated me. Aren’t they amazing?

Dalton Ghetti - Pencil Sculptor

Dalton Ghetti - linked hearts pencil sculpture

Dalton Ghetti - Elvis pencil sculpture

Dalton Ghetti - hammer pencil sculpture

Dalton Ghetti - key pencil sculpture

Dalton Ghetti - hanging heart pencil sculpture

alexa meade: painted people

I’ve been meaning to share these photos for months now. Twenty three year old artist Alexa Meade paints directly on people to create the illusion of 2 dimensional paintings. She is said her subjects are intimately exposed by “creating an unflinchingly raw account of the person”.  Her work is absolutely breathe taking! How talented is she?!

(via a cup of jo.)

it all started with a hippo

This is such a sweet way to capture the memories of a child’s favorite childhood “friend”. Hippopota photographs a favorite stuffed animal, a dog’s chewtoy, or a security blanket, and turns it into art. I never had a stuffed animal that was my absolute favorite, but fell asleep hugging a pillowcase my grandmother made me. (Strange, I know.) I wish I could have something like this to remember!