vintage wall sculpture

Last week I was casually browsing eBay for some vintage accessories and art and came across this wall sculpture from an estate sale. The design is similar to the amazing Silas Seandel, but I’m not sure if this is his actual design. Many of his wall sculptures go for $4-5k at vintage boutiques, and I scored this for only $102.05! I don’t have an actual place to hang it now, so it’ll go in storage with my other flea market bargains until we get a bigger place. I just couldn’t pass that price up!

(photos via eBay seller.)

metal easels

These metal easels are such a modern way to mount your artwork! I bought two of these today to display our escort cards for our wedding reception. Once I hear that there’s “limited stock” on something, it makes me want it even more so I knew I needed to have them right away. After the wedding, we’ll use them to display our art collection as a souvenir of April 23.

abstract art

After traveling last weekend, it made me appreciate New York City even more. Every time I travel to other major cities, I find myself comparing everything to NY. But, that’s just it. No city will every compare. I’ve had a love affair with the energy, the people, the design, and overall beauty that the culture has to offer. I am so extremely fortunate to work in Chelsea, surrounded by the most inspiring art galleries. On my walk home last week, I came across this. It’s a wall inside a loading dock (of all places). I was drawn in by the colors, and love that it looks like an abstract painting that belongs in a gallery next door.

When I have more wall space, I’m going to frame this. I found great humor in the sign above this that read, “do not scratch.”

night time photos

Speaking of that guy that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with… Did I ever share these beautiful photos that he took on my camera? He was fooling around with the settings, and I love how these came out. There’s an eeriness to them that intrigues me. It’s almost annoying how good he is at everything!