Edgewater, NJ Interior Design

Edgewater, NJ Bachelor Pad

If you follow me on facebook, you may have seen these photos I shared of my project in Edgewater a while back.

I worked on this townhouse two years ago right up until I gave birth to my little boy. I was actually finishing up tasks while I was in labor which sounds pretty crazy looking back, but I guess you can say I’m committed to my work. :)

This project was a complete remodel for a busy entrepreneurial bachelor and I am so happy with the outcome. The “before” pictures were from the previous owners listing, but they give you an idea of what a huge transformation happened quickly in a span of about 4 months.


























Edison Project: After

Remember that outdated bathroom I shared a few weeks ago?! Well, this week I finally took the after pictures and I am so happy with the way it turned out! The width between the tub and the vanity wall is just over 3′ wide so we needed to find a vanity that was very shallow, but also provided adequate counter space. I love this vanity for so many reasons! The wood makes the space feel warmer, and the belly basin sink top allows for a larger wash space while keeping the vanity depth to a minimum. I also love the open furniture-style vanity that makes the room appear larger than it is. We kept the finishes neutral to modernize the space, but also to keep a classic look for future resale.

Such a huge difference from the “before” photos, right? Now the only pink that is allowed in this space is the colorful Spring inspired flower arrangement!

Edison NJ Bathroom Design AFTER

Edison NJ Bathroom Design AFTER

Edison NJ Bathroom Design AFTER

Edison NJ Bathroom Design AFTER

Edison NJ Bathroom Design AFTER

Edison NJ Bathroom Design BEFORE and AFTER

Bathroom Remodel Project

Over the past few weeks I’ve been helping my friends’ mother design her outdated bathroom. After seeing this bathroom with pink tiles (very similar to the bathroom in the house where I grew up!) I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! The design goal was to update it with modern, durable finishes at a modest price point. This is the main bathroom primarily used by three young, active children so I knew everything needed to withstand the test of time. Having nephews (and a sweet baby niece) I know how easily children can destruct something you thought could never break. The shower tiles are classic white subway tiles that will never look dated, and the flooring we installed is a beautiful linen porcelain tile similar to this. Choosing beautiful materials is the easy part! The biggest challenge was finding a quality vanity that was about 14″ deep with enough counter space. The space is very, very narrow and I needed something to free up floor space to make the bathroom visually appear larger. The toilet location is staying as is because if we flipped it your knees would hit the tub when you sat down. Not the most comfortable seat!

Below are some cell phone progress shots so I apologize if they’re blurry. Once the project is completed I’ll take some proper after shots!


photo 2

photo 3

photo 5


AFTER DEMO / AFTER NEW SHEETROCK INSTALLED: (What a HUGE difference already, don’t you think!?)




photo 22

photo 12

Phew! I am so excited to see the final result. Now if only my parents would let me remodel their bathroom already…. :)

modern bathroom

modern bathrooms

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may notice that I’ve been bathroom obsessed lately! I’ve been designing quite a few lately and have had bathrooms on the brain! With each new project, I start a mental file of what I need for my personal dream bathroom: Natural materials, warm wood tones, and deep soaking tubs leave me needing a long, cold shower! :)

modern mosaic bathroom

modern bathroom

modern bathroom marble counter vessel sinks

modern bathroom glass shower stall

modern marble bathroom

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

How to give your bathroom a face lift under $1000

This is my powder room.

Well, actually that was my powder room. This is the condition it was in when we first moved in after Ryan removed the tiny medicine cabinet and chair rail. How many walls need to be protected from chairs in the bathroom? Exactly. A lot of things in this house don’t make sense. The sink was …antique… to be nice. The linoleum flooring was constantly peeling up at the edges and the walls were in desperate need of repair. Ryan is the kind of husband who gets bored when he doesn’t have a project, so he was itching to redo this bathroom. (One of many things I love about that crazy man!)

Keep in mind that we don’t own this house. We’re renting it from family friends while we look for our dream house (or get way too comfortable here). Since it isn’t our house we weren’t going to even touch this bathroom, but it was starting to drive us crazy. Imagine that! An ugly outdated bathroom driving a designer crazy! :) It’s really teeny teeny tiny, but the photos below give you a good idea on what a huge transformation this is.

Here’s what we did to make this my new favorite room in the house:

  • Ryan removed the old flooring and repaired the sub-floor so it was able to support the weight of the new penny round tiles.
  • We reused the existing toilet since it was still in good shape and somewhat modern.
  • We chose this vanity, faucet and sink and they make a huge improvement!
  • If you haven’t noticed already, there’s a huge ugly pipe running through the bathroom that we can’t hide. I chose a dark bluish grey that does a good job of concealing the eye sore and adds some mood.
  • We installed this simple and inexpensive light fixture to add some warmth and texture to the room.
  • We removed the paint from the door hardware to give it a new life. I really love the quirky historic quality the knobs have so I definitely wanted to keep them.
  • We accessorized with a wall mirror (from target, not online), a watercolor painting of a sunset that I painted while camping, and two small vintage nude prints from Ryan’s mom.