The Nursery

My pregnancy books say that once you start nesting, you’ll probably go into labor about ten days after. Clearly I don’t fit into this statistic because I’ve been nesting for months. I started planning the baby’s nursery back in October and it’s been done since December. I’m not sure why it took so long to take photos and share them! This room is one of my favorites in the house. It’s so teeny and cozy and I just sit in the chair and imagine what it’s going to be like holding my baby boy in that glider. (Even the cats love the room!)

Originally I was thinking of doing an orange and grey color scheme, but the bedding I originally fell in love with was discontinued the week before I was going to buy it. This happens to me way too often! Once I needed to look for new bedding, I decided to go a different route. The rest of our house has a lot of grey and neutrals so I knew I wanted the baby’s room to be more colorful and youthful. I came across this bed skirt and it inspired the entire room. I love the modern chevron print, the teal and lime green. I’ve been obsessed with teal lately!

I ordered  a custom glider from a vendor in CA, but it got damaged in shipping. (See how the arm looks scrunched?) I’m waiting on getting a new one made, but am holding onto this one for the time being. With this chair I wanted to create a little reading nook. Ryan hung these shelves to place books on since we don’t have room for a bookshelf and I love how they add color to the room. For my baby shower, everyone brought a book with a note inside instead of bringing a card. Everyone wrote sweet little notes to the baby and I get weepy every time I read them.

(Side note: I know we’re not supposed to keep anything in the crib because it’s a safety hazard. Once he’s actually sleeping in the crib, the blanket and pillows will be moved to the chair.)



The Closet:
I am obsessed with this closet because everything has it’s own place. I only have one before picture on instagram, but it’s a huge difference. The original closet pole was broken so we* replaced it and added another below it. (*Note: Usually when I say “we” it usually means I gave Ryan a honey-do list and he installs everything for me :) Since babies have so many little tiny accessories, I also wanted a shelf above the lower closet pole. I have little baskets with bibs, burping clothes, gloves and shoes in them.

I am so grateful to my sister for saving all of my nephew’s clothing. I didn’t have to buy much and mostly everything you see here is from my sister. I am so, so lucky! Everything is hung on these baby hangers and separated by size using these organizers. I hung as much as I could because there isn’t much space in the room, and folded clothing for future months in those larger baskets to the left of the closet.

Oh, and all those diapers? At my baby shower, my sister put on the invitation that there would be a raffle and whoever brought a package of diapers would get a ticket to enter. We have SO many diapers in different sizes, which is amazing in helping us get started.


We’ll also keep the diaper genie and a hamper in the closet to hide the dirty clothes and diapers. The hamper was picked up at Home Goods and I love the pattern!


The Dresser:

Instead of having a changing table, we’re using a dresser with a changing pad on top. Honestly, any time I’ve changed a baby’s diaper I’ve always felt more comfortable changing them on the floor. Even so, it’s nice to have this as an option for us or our moms.

Each drawer has little baskets: the top drawer has space for diapers, wipes, lotions, medicines and the thermometer. The middle drawer has socks, onesies, pacifiers and little accessories. The bottom drawer is all PJ’s for newborn and 3-6 months, including swaddles and sleep sacks (again mostly all from my sister).

Ahhh… I love that everything is in it’s own place. Ryan thinks I’m crazy and I’m okay with that. :)






My carpenter had some wood leftover from a job so he cut a piece so I could use it as a shelf on top of the radiator. It’s perfect for a little plant (that has seen better days) and the white noise maker so we can hopefully get some sleep.

I’m due on Wednesday. I’m going to be someone’s mother. O.M.G.

The baby’s nursery

The baby’s nursery is one of my favorite rooms in the house. It’s really teeny, so it makes it really cozy to be in. Ryan’s been using it for a “gym” and by gym I mean it has a weight bench that the cats lay on more than he does. :) Sometimes I go in there and sit and daydream about what it’s going to be like to rock our son in there. It gets the most beautiful lighting in the afternoon adding even more coziness to the space.

I’ve started doing some research but I keep going back to the same items. I may need some help making decisions! I can easily make them for clients, but have a hard time making them for myself. Which do you like best?!  I’m leaning more towards option 1, but knowing me I’ll probably continue to do more research.

Option 1:
Using orange, blue and gray color scheme are more boyish and fun.

Slide 1

Option 1 Sources:
Paint (Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore)


Option 2:
By using the subtle mint and gray color scheme, I’ll add some personality by mixing patterns like chevron, stripes and polka dots. Slide 1

Option 2 Sources:

Paint (Teresa’s Green by Farrow and Ball)
Below are the runners-up for the rocker and crib.

joya_ottoman4_1Joya Rocker
I love the style of this rocker, but I’m worried that it might be too deep for the space.

Graham Glider
I love the look of this glider, but it’s just too deep. So bummed!










BabyLetto Mercer Crib
I love the look of this crib and the fact that it converts to a toddler crib, but I kept going back to the clean lines of the ikea crib. Although the storage below this crib is a bonus, I like how clean the other crib looks. Am I crazy?

Let’s Go To Bed

Now that we’re talking about bedrooms, I can share with you the beds I’ve been looking at for the past 7 months. :) Once we bought the new dresser, we scored these nightstands from Crate and Barrel (now discontinued) for only $99 each! We’ve had them in the attic because they don’t really go with our current wood headboard (leftover from Ryan’s pre-married bedroom). Our plan was to take them down when we got a new bed frame but that hasn’t really happened yet. Every time we travel we always get a room with a king size bed and I always end up getting the best nights sleep. Ryan’s 6’2″ and I’m 5’10” and our cats have taken to sleeping on my head or my neck. Needless to say, I am often scrunched up into a little ball at the edge of our queen size bed causing my back to hurt every single morning. Pilates and yoga have helped a little bit but I think a king size bed will allow me to finally have a restful nights sleep. Ryan is being very picky about his requirements: needs to be free (ha!) or inexpensive, have nail heads or have a little bit of detail. He suggested doing a DIY headboard, but it’s important to me to have the frame upholstered too so we can finally get rid of our old lady bed skirt. What do you think? Do you have a favorite? I’m leaning towards the last bed option because it’s affordable, has Ryan’s nail heads, and has a modern upholstered base.


Crate and Barrel Ronan Nightstand

Mitchel Gold Bob Williams Yates Bed Room and Board Wyatt Bed

Room and Board Upholstered Bed


West Elm Nailhead Upholstered Bed

Beds 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Should I lacquer my dresser?

I’ve found that with most people, myself included, redecorate their bedroom last because “nobody sees it” when realistically it is one of the most important rooms in your house. Although our bedroom has come a long way since we’ve moved in, we’ve had Ryan’s matchy-matchy “bachelor” furniture for years and I’m itching to completely redesign the room. My urge to redesign started with a vintage dresser we picked up last year in New Hope. It honestly only feels like months ago. We weren’t planning on getting new furniture but we figured it would be a sweet “gift” to each other for our first anniversary. I love the storage, and brass handles but hate the wood. (Is it oak? I think so.) As soon as it was delivered Ryan started sanding it and re-staining it a darker color. At the time I thought it looked nice, especially because he is amazing at refinishing furniture, but, there is something about it that doesn’t excite me. The grain just makes it look old instead of a beautiful antique piece of furniture. Even though he spent all that work on it, I really really want to lacquer it. (Sorry, Ryan!) I’m thinking a deep navy like this would be so beautiful and would add some color. What do you think? I usually am against painting wood, but the cheap looking grain on this wood is driving me crazy.




Vintage refinished dresser

modern kids bedrooms

I recently started a new design project and spent the afternoon getting inspired by photos I’ve collected. Although the project doesn’t include children’s rooms, these spaces are so sophisticated they can easily inspire any room in the house. I especially love the grey and yellow color scheme!

Modern boy's nursery

Modern bunk beds

Modern girl's nursery

Modern kid's bedroom

Modern nursery

Modern art for nursery

( via oh dee doh, remodelista, unknown, remodelista, apartment therapy, apartment therapy. “crying is for babies” letterpress art from here.)