random cleaning post

I’m writing this trapped on my sofa waiting for my sparkly floors to dry. A few months ago my Swiffer WetJet broke which gave me an excuse to buy Libman’s Freedom mop. I would often see their commercials and get oddly inspired to clean. It requires a bit more elbow grease, but I love that you don’t need batteries, you can use your own cleaner and the pads are washable.

Ryan’s mom is coming over for dinner tonight. She’s not the typical judgmental mother-in-law, but since we’re playing house/ getting married in 8 weeks and 1 day (eek!), I figured I’d clean a little extra today. She made a special request for my meat sauce for dinner, so I’ll be spending my night in a carb and red wine induced coma. I think I’ll use this as my excuse when I lose scrabble. Yep. I said when. I have no chance of winning when playing with Ryan and his mom. I’ll just be happy if I get 9 points with “mop”!

how to: remove rust from your knives

Whenever it’s warmer out, Ryan seems to enjoy spending hours washing and waxing his car. It must be a guy thing, because I’d much rather take it to a car wash (or our local “car spa”). He bought this pen to remove rust from a tiny scratch on his car, and we thought it’d be great for another household use.



The pens price tag of $10.99 was a little surprising at first, but it’s a lot less expensive than buying a new knife set. The fibreglass eraser-like pen was so easy to use – you simple rub it back and forth on the rust spots as if you’re erasing them. So easy, even a caveman could do it.

new uses for everyday things

Every month when Real Simple comes in the mail, Ryan knows not to talk to me for a good hour. This months issue has even more of my favorite “new uses for everyday things” and I’ve compiled a list of genius ideas that I wish I thought of sooner!

  • Use a tissue box as a plastic bag dispenser to organize your pile of shopping bags.

  • Use your salad spinner to get the extra water out of your cashmere sweaters. Just put the sweaters in the spinner, and then lay flat after to dry.

  • If you’re over your Uggs, cut the boot and use the shearling as a pot holder. (After cleaning them of course!) This is a great idea for camping!

  • Wrap a rubber band around nail polish for stubborn bottles that won’t open.

  • Use a lemon to disinfect your chopping block, or to remove stains from tupperware.
  • Clean your kitchen sponge by heating it in the microwave for a minute. (There’s nothing worse than the smell of dirty sponge!)

  • Wrap tomatoes in newspaper seperately to ripen sooner.
  • Hang Christmas lights vertically on your tree instead of wrapping them around and around. It cuts down the time of putting them up, and removing them.

  • Keep a few marshmallows in your brown sugar to keep it soft. Genius!

(all photos Real Simple.)

how to: removing salt stains

I love wearing my leather boots all throughout winter, but hate the excessive amount of salt that people use on their sidewalks. I used to think that my shoes were ruined from the white rings that the salt left behind, until I found an ECO-friendly way to clean your leather/suede shoes. Cleaning solution is just a tablespoon of white vinegar added to a cup of water. Using a soft clothe, wipe down shoes with solution and let dry. Shine shoes after they are completely dried (I used Ryan’s Penguin Instant Shine). Voila! It’s that easy!





ribbon coat rack

When I first saw this ribbon coat rack, I couldn’t decide if I loved it or not. I like to have everything away and out of site, but I found myself going back to this image over and over again. I actually prefer this coat rack on its own because of its artful, sculpture like design. I’ve decided. I love it, especially in yellow!