modern kids bedrooms

I recently started a new design project and spent the afternoon getting inspired by photos I’ve collected. Although the project doesn’t include children’s rooms, these spaces are so sophisticated they can easily inspire any room in the house. I especially love the grey and yellow color scheme!

Modern boy's nursery

Modern bunk beds

Modern girl's nursery

Modern kid's bedroom

Modern nursery

Modern art for nursery

( via oh dee doh, remodelista, unknown, remodelista, apartment therapy, apartment therapy. “crying is for babies” letterpress art from here.)

photo booth memories

While unpacking, I came across these old photos Ryan and I took over the course of our relationship. Going to the boardwalk when we first started dating was one of our favorite dates, and taking these photos in the vintage photo booths quickly became a tradition of ours. In a way to personalize our family room, I framed these photos (one for each year we dated) and hung them in our family room. Before I framed these, the space felt too serious and formal and this is a nice way to add some personality to the room where we’ll probably spend most of our time.

Photobooth pictures framed

Vintage photobooth pictures as art

Vintage photobooth pictures framed

It’s funny to see how much we’ve grown up, and how our looks have evolved. (Hello bangs!) We just went to the boardwalk this past weekend and they no longer have the vintage photo booths because everything has gone digital. Knowing this, it makes me appreciate them even more. This is probably my favorite thing in the entire house!

works in progress

The past two weeks I’ve been in a funk. I don’t know why or when it exactly it started, but I’m thinking it has something to do with the most recent major change: moving. I absolutely love the new house, and do not miss living in a studio whatsoever, but seeing all the little projects and “to do” lists neatly typed in my iPhone has started to get to me. It doesn’t feel like home yet so I’ve been spending time trying to personalize the spaces to make them more comforting.

To get away from my honey-do list, this past weekend I took a trip to the beach to visit family. Well… they’re the family I used to nanny for in High School but they’re more like family. When I was sitting on the beach trying to figure out what’s been bothering me, I had a bit of an epiphany. I sat there watching the kids, thinking of how time goes by so quickly… how it was just 11 years ago I was there watching them learn how to walk and learn to say my name for the first time. (They call me “LaLa Car” still. Something about associating Lisa and Lisa’s car.) Then I started thinking about how I only enjoy the before and afters, and don’t take enough time to enjoy the “during”. This can be applied to my workout routine (non existent) or weeding the garden. Instead of rushing to get all the things done for the house, I want to take more time and actually enjoy what I’m doing. I need to step back and stop wishing for the future and enjoy the here and now.

These are the projects that we’re working on now:

Photo collage

The gallery wall in the dining room over the buffet. Ryan’s in the process of refinishing a Russell Wright buffet we bought on craigslist for only $100! More on that soon.

Hallway table

The upstairs hallway that I’m personalizing with a wall of family photos. I love the little nook at the end of the hall and will add some art above the console soon.

Beige Gray Chaise Lounge

The very empty corner of our bedroom that needs work. I’d love to get bookshelves, or install floating shelves on the wall for my books and small art pieces. Right now it feels really empty and need to think of what to do with this space. (Such a huge difference from the very beginning.)

The chaise is the IKEA KIVIK to be added to the sofa we have in the family room once we move to a bigger place in the future. We’re using it in the bedroom for the time being for a reading nook.

Weedy grass

The grass “BEFORE”. It was prickly and a wildflower graveyard so Ryan and I killed the grass and tilled the soil to plant new seed…

Weedy grass - before

This is what the yard is looking like now. Half dirt, half grass (weeds). Ryan planted seed last night in hopes that we’ll have some sprouts for our Labor Day BBQ. I love the way the yard looks at night when I like candles in those little black lanterns on either side of the benches.

house progress shots

Today the floors got sanded, so Ryan and I snuck over after work to sneak a peak at today’s progress. Tomorrow they’re going to sand the edges and start staining the floors a dark walnut color. I’m so excited at how different it looks already!


Before & After - Guest Room Before


Before & After - Guest Room During


Before & After - Master Bedroom Room Before


Before & After - Master Bedroom Room During


Before & After - Hallway Before


Before & After - Hallway During


Before & After - Living Room During


Before & After - Entry Door During

the living room: before

The living area is a long, somewhat narrow space which makes it awkward to lay out furniture. I wish I took a before-the-before-picture photo because it doesn’t give the full sense of everything that has been done. There were leprechaun knick nacks on the wall, a mirror with garland above the fireplace and a very green oriental rug. Oh, and that recliner! It’s only in the picture because we were waiting for bulk trash day.


Before & After - Living Room Before

This first photo is taken from what we’re calling the living room looking into where we’re putting the dining table. Because the room is so large, we’re creating more of a “great” room and having a dining and living room together. (Don’t worry, we’ll have the TV in a seperate family room space.) The wood staircase is one of my favorite things about this house and it’s sad that for all 12 years I’ve known the owners, it was hidden with a large screen TV.

Before & After - Living Room Before

This above photo is looking back into the “living area” with the front door on the left hand side. We still haven’t fully decided how we’re going to decorate the faux fireplace, but right now we’re leaning towards eventually installing a gas line for a gas fireplace. I haven’t decided if I think that’s too “corny” yet.


Before & After - Living Room During

Right now this room is empty, even though Ryan tried to convince me that the recliner was good for his back. Yup, so is working out. So, pick that baby up and put it on the curb.


the office: before

This is probably the room I’m most excited for: my first official office. It’s a sweet little “nook” that is 6′ x 12′, surrounded by windows and is the perfect size for a desk overlooking the garden. Right now I’ve been working at my kitchen table or sitting on my couch, so it goes without saying that my tush will appreciate an official office chair.

This room used to be a playroom so I’m trying to overlook the bright green paint. No, I lied. It still drives me crazy. We painted the trim Benjamin Moore “white” and painted the walls Benjamin Moore “weimaraner”. This taupey-grey color is the weirdest color I have ever painted, and I haven’t decided if I love it yet. It looks purple, brown, or grey depending on the lighting so I’m excited to see how it looks with new curtains and the furniture.

Before & After - Office Before

Before & After - Office During