Paper Dresses

By now you’ve probably seen this Huffington Post article where an adorable 4-year-old makes dresses out of paper. If not, check out this little peanut’s skills! Her mom helps her, but claims to be the least crafty woman ever. She takes inspiration from award show photos, photos from past seasons of Project Runway and TV shows she watches. I personally love the Minnie Mouse ensemble!

As kids, my sister and I had a bag of scrap fabric from our Grandmother. Sometimes we would drape the fabric and pretend they were dresses but they never looked as beautiful as these paper dresses! My sister would often pretend she was Madonna (she even had one lace glove) and she would pretend she was late for an award show. She claims this never happened, but it’s funny the little things you remember from your childhood. For some odd reason, this always sticks out to me!

Anywho, check out these beautiful dresses…


Camera Bag

This morning I managed to squeeze in a photo shoot for one of my recently completed projects before the snow got too bad. This storm completely snuck up on me, but I welcome it! I needed time in my office to do paperwork and catch up on emails. (The glamorous life of a designer!)

Epiphanie Ginger - Caramel Camera Bag
I was finally able to use my new camera bag Ryan got me for Christmas! I’ve been on the hunt for one for a while, but eventually gave up because every bag I found either didn’t have space for all my lenses or it was way too expensive. My very sweet husband thought to surprise me with one, but unfortunately the company shipped the bag in a box that said “Epiphanie Camera Bags” in huge black letters. I tried to play dumb, but I knew weeks before Christmas morning. :) I am in love with it! It looks like a purse, has tons of storage, and the entire interior is padded.

Hello, Lover


Sarah Jessica Parker has now partnered with George Malkemus, CEO of Manolo Blahnik, to create her own shoe collection. My first thought? “Finally!”. My second thought? “What took so long?!”. It makes total sense that she would finally have her own shoe collection after her style fame on Sex and the City. It will be named SJP and will be sold exclusively through Nordstrom early next year. I’ve been a long time fan of hers and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with!


four eyes

Are you ready for a whole lotta nerdiness and few selfies? (Hey! At least I’m not doing the duck face!) I wear contacts every day, but lately I’ve been needing to give my eyes a break. I’m guessing it’s because of my seasonal allergies, or maybe because I’m stretching out the use of my last pair of contacts. Either way, I need a new pair of glasses. I have a pair that I got in target last year (target has all that is good in the world) but the actual lenses are so tiny, it bothers me especially when I’m drafting on the computer.

I’ve been reading a lot about Warby Parker glasses so I figured I’d give them a shot. Their glasses are $95 (!!!) including glare free lenses and shipping. Plus they ship five pairs to you FREE so you can try them on at home. For the first time ever I actually have several pairs that I like and I can’t make a decision. What do you think?! Help a girl pick out a pair of frames!

Warby Parker Nedwin

Nedwin: Amber (I’m kind of leaning towards these because I like the shape and the color isn’t too harsh on my face)

glasses 3

Langston: Striped Evergreen (These look more green in person, but I think the color may be too dark for my skin color.)

Warby Parker Reece

Reece: Sandalwood Matte (Love this color!)

Warby Parker Wilkie

Wilkie: Sugar Maple  (I also really like this style and color, but I can’t decide it the frames are too trendy wendy/wannabe hipster. Although the bigger lenses make it so comfortable to work on my laptop.)


Stella & Dot - waverly three way bag

Crossbody Purse

My body has been fighting a nasty head cold for weeks(!) and the only cure is retail therapy. I’ve been eyeing this crossbody bag for a while now,  and decided to bite the bullet and buy it. (I actually hosted a Stella and Dot party last year and had some 50% off credits leftover. If you like their jewels, I highly recommend hosting a party!) I’m all for pieces having multiple functions, whether it be a side table or purse. I’m pretty excited to use this baby on our trip to California this Spring. April, are you here yet?!

Stella & Dot - waverly three way bag


Stella Dot Three way Crossbody Bag

gift guide for the fabulous lady in your life

Below is a list of goodies for the lady in your life who enjoys throwing parties, enjoys the simple beautiful things in life… or for your wife named Lisa. Subtle, right? :)



slate cheese board

CB2 Cheese Cutters

A slate cheese board and cheese knives for wine and cheese parties.


CB2 Mini Cocktail Spreaders

Mini knives for dips and spreads.

Crate & Barrel Large Emery Taper Candleholders

Modern black and brass candle sticks for romantic dinners for two.

Casserole CarrierA casserole carrier (It’s one of those things you feel like you’ll never need, but I’ve had a few occasions where I’ve had hot plates wrapped in towels in my back seat going to friends)


Shrimp Scampi

Cooking lessons for two.




Oasis Beige Textured Drape Sweater

A belted sweater to keep toasty this winter.


Delicate Stacking Rings on Etsy

 Simple delicate stacking rings.

Marc Jacobs Classic Q Fran Bag

 Shoulder bag in the most beautiful buttery caramel leather.


Steve Madden Women's Vegasss Suede Flat







Suede flats for running around the city.


Large Diamond Stud Earrings

Classic diamond stud earrings.