style watch favorites

Althought I’m a huge magazine whore,  I’ve vowed not to buy gossip magazines or women’s magazines (other than People Style Watch) and stick to getting my information online. I love this magazine because it has fashion and gives me my celebrity lifestyle fix. I’m constantly pulling pages out for inspiration and these two items are currently my favorites. I absolutely love, love, love this bag. I’ve been looking for something that is more structured for business but trendy enough for weekend use. And how cute is that nautical sweater?! Swooon.

Kenneth ColeHigh Potential

Decree Rosette Cardigan (only $19.99!!!)

anthropologie swimwear

Even though it’s mid-January with predictions of another snow storm tonight, I’ve got bikini’s on the brain. I haven’t really gotten any new bikini’s since late high school/early college. I’ve purchased a few here and there, but none that really do anything for my tush. As with most women, my body is doing that “changing every 7 years” thing and most of my bottoms are too small borderline inappropriate. So, with that said, I’ve been doing some online shopping for bikini’s that have moderate coverage with high style design. I’m currently loving these beauties –

Patara Bikini

Mojave Bikini

Modern Triangle Bikini

bachelorette dress

I’ve been on the hunt for a white cocktail dress for my bachelorette party. I have no idea when it’ll be, but I know how picky I am so I wanted to start early. Instead of penis paraphernalia, I’ll be wearing a white dress and the girls are going to be wearing little black dresses. (At least I’m hoping for no phallic accessories!)

Finding a white dress in the middle of the winter  isn’t the easiest, but I have this Ralph Lauren dress bookmarked that I keep going back to. I love the neckline and think the back is incredibly sexy without being too much. I’m thinking that this would be a nice dress to wear to a dinner on our honeymoon, too!

I would probably have to have the hemline shortened just a bit to show off my legs. I mean, I’m tall. But, I think that even this dress is too long for a party!