purple peep toes

I finally found a pair of wedding shoes that I love! They are Nina “Kyleen” and are unfortunately no longer available.

Originally, I purchased these Badgley Mischka shoes, but had to return them because the heel was way too high and the flower was a bit big. Don’t get me wrong, I love a pair of heels, but they were way too high to be walking around all day. Soooo… I’ve been spending too much time looking for another simple but fun pair of shoes. I found these Nina “Kyleen” shoes by googling “purple peep toe shoes” and looking through every page of the search restults. Crazy, I know.

When I came accross the image, it didn’t have a style name so I had to call Nina’s customer service to get any and all information. After they gave me the style name, I was told that they no longer have this shoe available (of course). Once someone tells me that something isn’t available anymore, it makes me want it even more. (Same thing happened when I first met Ryan! ;) ) Somehow in a shoe miracle, eBay had only one pair left in my size new in the box for only $60 (half their original price). I love that their simple but the little knot detail will peek out from my dress when I walk!

Runners up:

Originally, I liked these Stuart Weitzman shoes but I felt that the heel was a bit too low, and the price was a bit too high.

These rsvp “Hart” shoes were cute, but I felt they looked a bit clunky.

I considered buying this gray shoe from BP at Nordstrom, but felt that the purple was a bit more fun. If these shoes were in purple, I would have been all over them!

I was so excited when I came accross this Nine West shoe, (as seen here) but I think the gray was a bit too light. I probably could have dyed them, but I didn’t want to take that chance.

bethenney closet confession

I saw this closet confession a while ago ago when my best friend Dana tweeted it. She’s kind of obsessed with Bethenney, and rightfully so. She’s hilarious and seems really down to earth. My favorite part is when she says,  “This would be Kelly because it is a shirt”. What my petite BFF can get away with as a dress, is a belly shirt on me. When in doubt, it’s always a shirt.

i found my wedding dress!

I am very particular and indecisive when it comes to insignificant things. For instance, a few years ago my parents gave me a digital camera for Christmas, but I wasn’t sure if I liked it because the corners were a little bit rounded. There’s also a specific wooden spoon that I like to cook with, but only because it has a thin handle. See? Told you. Insignificant.

So, can you image how long it took me to find a wedding dress? I think I started about 5 months ago, and after almost 50 dresses, I’ve finally found “the one”. I didn’t cry, or jump up and down. But as soon as they cinched in my waste with the standard bridal-salon-home-depot-clips,  I knew it. It’s a fitted mermaid gown with a rouched bodice and simple, classic train. Here’s a sneak peak.

Every bridal consultant looked at me like I was nuts when I said I wanted little to no glitzy beading, and no tulle. Isn’t that what all bridal gowns are made of?! It was like a needle in a hay stack, but I found it.

I’ve been to “just a few” places to try on dresses and I put together a list of tips to make the experience more enjoyable:

1. Even though it’s tempting to show up on Sunday in your comfy yoga pants and a pony tail, I’ve found that when I did my hair and make up it gave me a better outlook on dress shopping.

2. If you’re being negative about the process, reschedule your appointment. I needed to be positive and patient to enjoy the experience.

3. DO NOT GO WITH TOO MANY PEOPLE. It’s temping to invite every woman you know, but you’re the only person who knows what you like. Trust yourself, and do not listen to others opinions. I learned this the hard way.

4. Wear cute undies. You spend a good part of the appointment in your skivvies, and it’s easy to feel vulnerable. Wearing something cute makes it much less awkward.

5. Do not try on dresses outside of your budget. Even if it’s $500 over and you think this could be an issue. You’ll end up crying in the fitting room… while in your cute undies.

pac a parka

I’ve been looking for at least a year for a no-frills rain jacket. The criteria were simple: lightweight, with a hood, and one that had some shape. When I first saw Emily’s post, I knew I had to have this rain jacket in my favorite color! With the rain in New York these past few days, it’s saved me! It’s perfect for catching a cab, or carrying grocery bags without having to fumble with an umbrella!

Tip: They run really big, so I’d get a size smaller than you are.