furniture lust

I look at furniture and design all day, every day. And now that I need to buy furniture for myself, I can’t decide on a single piece that I actually want to purchase. That is until I saw this Luna Credenza from White Furniture for only $900. I was always a fan of the original Lake Credenza by BDDW, but what twenty something interior designer has $10k to spend on a credenza? I sure don’t. I thought by showing Ryan both options and what a “bargain” the $900 White option is compared to the BDDW option, he may consider it. But his response was, “What about that furniture I saw on craigslist for free, or that other credenza for $50?”. Mmm Hmm. This one’s going to be a challenge, but I’m eventually going to own this beauty.

white on white

I am absolutely in love with white on white’s furniture line! Within the past year, they’ve added many new interesting quality pieces that I will definitely be buying for my next place. Check out there site here.

Luna Credenza, $750

Cincinnati B, $880

Palermo Dining Table/Desk, $750

Kensington Chair, $260

Montana Chair, $240

Praying Mantis Floor Lamp, $380

Jacob Desk Lamp, $175

all images via white on white

leather coffee table tray

I’ve had this leather tray from William Sonoma that I bought on sale months ago. But after deciding it was too orange for my living room, I found out it was non-refundable. Instead of letting it continue to collect dust in my closet, I bought this dye and darkened it to a dark brown with a hint of plum. I was nervous that the dye would go on streaky or uneven, but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. My only recommendation is to wear rubber gloves while dying the leather because my fingers were a “dark brown with a hint of plum” for about a week.



I highly recommend this product to liven up any dull leather that you may want restore!

ninety one percent off

What’s the best deal you’ve ever gotten? In high school, I got a pair of trendy Steve Madden shoes for $1.99 with a pair of PJs for free in the clearance room at Mandee’s. Mandee to the rescue, indeed.

Tonight’s purchase goes down in the record books for us! It’s no secret that Ryan and I love a good bargain, and tonight isn’t any different. Ryan got two $10 coupons at Kohl’s and we went there just to get out of the house for a little bit since I’ve been working so late. (Wild, I know!) I love their home goods department so I figured I could get a small gadget for the kitchen. (I have an infatuation with new things. It could be deodorant and I get excited.) After walking around a bit, I found a modern bamboo pepper mill that’s similar to what I’ve been looking for. It seems that most pepper mills are very traditional, so I was happy to find this one on.  It had an original price tag of $24.99, but after sale and coupon it came out to only $4.54! My mom would be proud! But, wait. There’s more…

After walking around a bit, Ryan came across this solid wood and metal table. (Similar to this table I spotted at Target last year.)

We don’t need a table now, by any means. We’ve been buying small furniture pieces that are in storage for the past 3 years, but we couldn’t pass this baby up. Originally, the table was $79.99 but was on sale for $15.99! With our coupon it came out out to only $5.45. Can you believe it?!

I’m thinking it was so inexpensive because of the minor surface scratches, but I if we can renovate an apartment, we can sand a table.

We saved $95.65, and got two great items for only $9.99! Plus, I found a really yummy recipe on the back of a baking dish from the Food Network, and I can’t wait to try it! Life is good.