how fabulous is that?

When I’m able to steal the remote from Ryan and his football games, I enjoy spending my time watching cooking shows. Just watching the chef chop onions and herbs is incredibly relaxing to me. Lately, I can’t get enough of Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa with her homestyle, simple recipes and beautiful kitchen. Her barn, where she films her Food Network show, was inspired by Belgian homes with its laid back family friendly design. Her kitchen is designed more as a living space, rather than just a place where food is prepared.

(All photos via House Beautiful.)

Did you know that Ina’s Barefoot Contessa store in the Hamptons was featured in Something’s Gotta Give? (It’s closed since the movie was released) Also, see Ina’s tour of her 2009 kitchen of the year here.

my kitchen’s pantry

So the pantry is finally finished! I’ve been waiting to post photos until we finally had the molding on and painted. With most projects, it’s the little things that seem to stay on your to-do list forever. Originally we thought we were also going to add a wall to make our studio into a one bedroom, but we decided it would be better for resale to have a “spacious” studio rather than a small one bedroom.

Anywho, a pantry may not be very exciting for most. Our kitchen isn’t very spacious, so having the extra room for items we stock up on is such a luxury for me. For at least a week, I was telling everyone I came in contact ¬†with. Having everything in sight makes cooking so much easier which essentially makes it that much more fun.

I originally planned on having a tutorial for this post, but our wall to the left of the stove was SO crooked, it made everything that much more complicated. (Notice how this project started as a “we” project, but Ryan’s in all the photos. Thanks, Ry!) We now have more room for us to stock up on goodies, a mail box to keep bills off the table, and space for his trusty bowflex weights. Doesn’t everyone keep them in the kitchen?! They’re just so ugly I can’t stand looking at them in the open.

Did you notice that fancy phantom door!? You just push it to open, instead of having a big doorknob on such a narrow door. Sigh. I just love it.

wallpaper in the kitchen

Wallpaper is a nontraditional yet interesting material to use in the kitchen. In this application, the homeowner sacrificed upper cabinets for storage, but used the shelf to store beautiful kitchen items with a beautiful patterned backdrop.

(apartment therapy.)

What do you think? Would you ever use wallpaper in the kitchen?

classic penny rounds

Forgive me for not feeling very motivated to write lately. What better way to get back into the groove of things than to feature the classic and modern material… penny rounds!


katye elliot

(katye elliot.)

via flickr janes bath

(Jane’s bathroom in 27 Dresses via Flickr)

white and black bathroom





(Above two images via Door Sixteen.)

After seeing Anna’s reveal of her bathroom, I totally regretted not doing the classic white subway tile and black penny round flooring. There’s always next time!

wood cutting board

I’ve been watching a lot of the food network lately, and have learned to feel even more comfortable in the kitchen. Just watching other people’s techniques (in anything) helps me. Because Ryan and I have a teeny kitchen, with not very much cabinet space I’ve been looking for things we should register for and I’ve fallen in love with this walnut end grain cutting board. If only I had a dollar for every time Giada says “yummy”, it would make this wood block a little more affordable.

cutting board