iphone apps for interiors

As the commercials says, there is an iPhone app for just about everything. These are my faves for home improvements…

what the font

  • WhatTheFont (see above) allows you to take pictures of posters, flyers, or magazine ads to quickly identify the font.
  • Craigsphone allows you to easily view craigslist from your phone when you’re out and about. Great for looking for yard sales on the go!
  • Yard Sale is also good for local finds, and it’s great because it uses google maps to find your location and gives you directions. Genius!
  • I.D. Wood is a pocket guide to woods, including information on durability and uses. Even shows quality image samples of what each wood looks like.
  • Ebay is great to check in on items your selling – or checking in on that fabulous mid-century lamp you’re watching!
  • ben ColorCapture matches Benjamin Moore paint swatches to images saved on your iPhone.
  • Stanley Level does exactly what the app name says. It turns your smart phone into a level! I can’t tell you how many men I’ve made jealous on job sites! What can your phone do?!

vintage umbrellas

Okay. So, I like reading blogs. I mean if they happen to be blogs with beautiful flowers and white dresses than so be it. I don’t want to scare off my boyfriend, but I adore these images. :) What a great idea to use vintage umbrellas at events to shade the sun!


[style me pretty]


This is me and Ryan when we were younger. It seems like just yesterday that we were smooching under my grandmother’s vintage umbrella!