morning commute play list

Now that I’m commuting nearly an hour an half each way to work, I need music and/or a good book to keep me occupied. I’ve recently discovered the album “19” by Adele two years after the album was actually released. Her voice is deep and mysterious and soothes me into a morning nap every time. These three are my favorites that I keep on repeat and end up singing all throughout the day!

“Round my hometown
Memories are fresh
Round my hometown
Ooh the people I’ve met
Are the wonders of my world”

birthday party!

A lot has changed in this last year and tonight I’m going out to celebrate my 26th birthday! My friend Casey also had a birthday this week, so we like to have our friends together to dance and get silly. (I am friends with A LOT of Aries.) I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday!

(apartment 34.)

flower child

Okay… so how adorable is this bridal shower idea? This is the perfect party for a group of women for any event, really. You can hire a florist for an hour, and have each guest bring a bunch of flowers from the local food store or florist. It’s a great ice breaker for those guests who don’t know each other too well, and a great way to get interactive!

(photos via 100 layer cake.)

I am seriously in love with this idea. Those favors (aprons made of ikea’s dish towels, cutting sheers, and a super cute zig zag notepad.) are so perfect! I can’t take it!

once upon a time

Our life was like a book.
It had introductions, problems, solutions and endings.
We could always have a “once upon a time”,
but not always a “happily ever after”.
It seems fate chose the characters, and everyone fit in.
Some chapters ended as soon as they began,
and others were a hundred pages long.
Even though it wasn’t in a far off place,
and not so long ago
there were gallant knights, an evil queen, and a joker to entertain her.
There was an enchanted forest
with trees that changed in the fall
and frogs that didn’t always turn into princes.
Sometimes we laughed
and sometimes we cried.
Our story was one
where the good didn’t always defeat the bad
and the youth lost their innocence.

Last night, I went through a box of old photos and mementos to organize and put into photo boxes. You know… instead of keeping them in shoeboxes we’ve had them in collecting dust under the bed. I came across this poem, and I wish I could remember where I got it from. I know it was from high school, and it’s written on a piece of notebook paper that is torn and tattered from how many times I’ve read it. I think it spoke to me at that time because I was growing up and starting to feel things more as an adult. I took this as a realistic fairy tale where there aren’t always happy endings to your life’s story, but the beauty is everything that is in between.

(photo flickr via super bomba.)