hiking with spring in my step

This weekend, Ryan and I decided to spend a night in the Poconos which is our country home away from home. On our way to our little getaway, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather (70 and sunny) and go for a hike at Mt. Tammany, a mountain seperating New Jersey and Pennsylvania. While we’ve hiked before, this trail made every other trail we’ve hiked look like a nature walk. As we climbed the mountain, we came accross lots of friendly couples who used words such as “rock slide” and “boulder climbing” as to what we should expect going up the mountain. (Embarrassingly enough, these couples made it look so easy and they were easily 40 years older than us. We, on the other hand, were struggling.) After 1.5 miles up the difficult trail, and several stops to catch our breath, we were able to enjoy the view from the top of the mountain. With beautiful blue clear skies, you could see mountains for as far as the eye could see. (Proof that New Jersey has beauty, if I may…) We didn’t have much time to sit and enjoy, because the sun was quickly setting. After another 2.5 miles down the rockiest path I’ve ever seen, we were able to enjoy the hidden waterfall, and refreshing ravine (it took a lot of restraint to not jump in and drink it all). It seemed to take a lot less time to reach the bottom, since I felt like I was running away from the furry creatures hidden in the woods. We reached the car just as the sun set, and just as we felt like our legs would collapse. All in all, it was a perfect day. Maybe next time we’ll start with a beginners trail…

personal photos

I’ve set a new goal to share more personal things with my readers. I mean, of course we’ll have boundaries, but I’ve found that my favorite bloggers are those who share details of their personal life. Last night, I spent a good amount of time looking through my computer to free up some space. My computer is only a year old and is running out of room for more inspiration files! While looking through old photos, I came across these favorites. They are just little things that have happened in the past few years, and they were taken with my iPhone. (Sorry for the blurriness!)

When Ryan and I first moved into our condo, Ryan’s Mom gave us a bread bag filled with singles. Get it…? She gave us “bread” for our housewarming gift. We used some for takeout while we were still fixing the place up. I’m positive the pizza delivery guy thought I was a stripper with all those singles.

Ryan and I painted this in Ryan’s old closet before he moved out of his previous house. I wonder if the new owners ever found it.

This is clearly a portrait of me drawn by Alex, Ryan’s nephew (age 3 at the time.)

thursday night tv



The Office will not be on tonight because of the 2010 Winter Olympics. So until the baby is born on March 4, I’ll watch the reruns I have recorded on my DVR. Is it me or was the show better when Jim and Pam had all that pent-up sexual tension?