our wedding: the first look

It’s hard to believe that Ryan and I have almost been married for two months. But I suppose after being together for so long two months just kind of feels that way. I’ve looked through our photographers photos of our wedding more time then I can count, laughing and tearing up at the same photos. This week I’ll be posting photos of my favorite moments from our wedding day.

Since Ryan and I hosted the ceremony and reception at the same location, and since it was pouring the morning of the wedding, we did “first look” photos in the lobby of the hotel where we spent the night. The grand staircase is so beautiful and walking down all those stairs (in 4 inch heels!) built up the anticipation even more. I think the first thing I said to him was, “wow, you’re butt looks so cute in that tux”. Classic me. And it was true. I own that tush now.

summer to do list

Now that I’ve accepted that it’s June and the thermometer has hit 100 degrees, I decided I should write a list of my summer to-do’s before I realize it’s August. I often make to-do lists in my notebook with boxes next to it so I can check them off gratifyingly, but announcing them on my blog makes them much more official. I’ve been keeping busy doing consulting work from home, and I’m loving every minute of it. I’m writing this list to remind me that it’s okay to turn off my lap top, leave my phone and play a little bit.

  • Enjoy a weekend wine tasting in each Cape May, NJ and New Hope, PA
  • Go blueberry and strawberry picking (…and finally try some new baking recipes I’ve been collecting!)
  • Organize photos for  our wedding album
  • Decide which style of album to do (thinking of doing a beautiful coffee table art book)
  • Try at least two new campsites and/or bike trails
  • Spend a day in NYC as a tourist enjoying the museums (it’s been so long since I’ve gone!)
  • Paint at least one new painting or charcoal sketch
  • Try this recipe.  (So simple to make, but looks as elegant as rose petals.)
  • Picnic in the park with the basket my parents got me last year for Christmas
  • Finish the book I’ve been reading for over four months, and read at least two more
  • Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge with nothing but my husband and camera

What about you, my sweet readers? Do you have to-do’s for the summer?

(photo via audrey hepburn complex.)

ryan’s birthday experience

Do you ever have those night’s where you’re with friends and your stomach hurts from laughing so much, and your face hurts from smiling? This was my weekend.

Instead of buying our friend’s birthday gifts, we all do a “birthday experience” to try something new together. Last week was Ryan’s birthday and since we’ve been trying to convert our friends into camp enthusiasts, this was the perfect excuse to get them outdoors. After all, they had to for Ryan.

This trip was pretty low key since we didn’t want to scare off the new campers. We went for a short hike, played an intense game of wiffle ball lakeside and spent the evenings fishing at sunset. I caught two fish, hooked Ryan’s shorts and my brother in law’s ear. They were all cute, but I threw them all back in to the lake.

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gone camping!

This weekend is my official start of summer since it’s our first camping trip of the year! We’re going away with 4 of our close friends, Ryan’s sister and her family and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ll be spending my weekend grilling and building crackling campfires for roasting marshmallows. They don’t call me “lord of the flames” for nothing. ;)

Enjoy your weekend!

That’s me! Last year was my first time fishing and it was so relaxing. I think you might be able to find me here Saturday afternoon!


I finally got around to writing my thank you note’s for my bridal shower last night! I’m a bit old fashioned and love stationary and these notes definitely caught my eye! Typically I’m drawn to more of a modern type font, but these feminine notes are letter pressed and just look so beautiful in person. I bought a box of 50 for only $19.99 at Target! Unfortunately they don’t sell them online, but it’ll give you an excuse to wander around Target. I’m seriously obsessed with the store!

Please excuse my iPhone photo. :) After writing all those cards, my hand was too cramped to take fancy photos!

thank you

I just got the DVD from our photographer with all our wedding photos this morning, and I couldn’t wait to design our Thank You’s! I’m so happy with the way they came out! They were so easy to make, now I’m even more excited to make a book for our parents. :)

3×5 Folded Card
View the entire collection of cards.