Before everyone heads off to celebrate Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share photos from our babymoon if you’d like to see…

About two weeks ago, we spent five days at the beautiful Cocos Hotel in Antigua and did nothing but relax and it felt so good. We woke up early every morning thanks to the colorful sunrise we saw directly from bed and spent the days lounging on the beach. I read an entire book that didn’t involve design or how my body might have freakish changes over the next few months. :)  We took little adventures like snorkeling and kayaking in the Caribbean. (Note: kayaking while pregnant in an ocean is not easy.) We both got massages (Ryan’s first) and the baby moved the most I have ever felt him. He must like getting pampered like his mama! Even though Ryan thought I made the term “babymoon” up, even he agrees that it was nice to have the time to relax, to not worry about time, and just to connect without technology running our lives. If you’re expecting, I highly recommend a trip before life gets crazy.

photo 1
photo 2

The view from the private beach. Those little huts are the restaurants overlooking the ocean.

photo 3

The view from our bed.

photo 4

The view from the pool.

photo 5
Our shower. Showering any other way is just silly.

photo 1
photo 2

photo 3

The day after our trip, we had our 20 week check up and our baby boy is looking healthy. Much like our first ultrasound, he wouldn’t cooperate and the technician had to bang on my belly to get him to move. (It was as comfortable as it sounds.) At some points he was even sticking his tongue out!
Now I’m 22 weeks and it’s going by so quickly. I am thankful for such an enjoyable pregnancy and for the health of this little peanut. As excited as I am to meet him, I’m going to miss this.

My new skin care routine

I have been blessed with genetics that have required me to be on acne medicine from 11 years old. (Note the sarcasm) I’ve tried everything from proactive to DIY remedies to prescription medicines that required monthly blood tests because they were so intense. Now that I’m closer to 30, my skin finally seems to have settled down and I now know what works for me. To be completely honest, I was worried what would happen to my skin once I became pregnant since I could not longer take my prescriptions meds, and hormones have a nasty reputation to make your face break out. I wouldn’t claim that I now have a Victoria’s Secret model glow, but I’ve discovered products that keep my skin fresh and moisturized.

Once you become pregnant, every person and book tries to scare you about what skin care products you can use. Am I the only one who got freaked out and obsessively checks ingredients in every skin care product? Now that I’m 5 months along, I finally have an idea of what works for me and what is safe for the little jelly bean that is actively kicking away inside me.



Every morning I use When Hope is Not Enough mixed with the Vitamin C booster powder. The serum is so moisturizing without being greasy and has even shrunken my pores. (I never thought I’d say that!) The booster powder (below) brightens my skin tone and has even lightened previous scars from the lovely reminders of my teenage acne.



At night I use Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair. I always thought because I had breakout prone skin that I shouldn’t moisturize but that is the biggest misconception. Once I started using this moisturizing serum my skin has transformed. Even though Ryan complains about how expensive it is, I often see him trying to sneakily use my serum’s. :)


The other day I was shopping in the city with a client and walked past Deja Vu, an Israeli skin care store with products from the Dead Sea. I got suckered into buying this body scrub and am so glad I did! I’ve been exfoliating my hands every night and it makes my hands SO SOFT and really moisturizes my cuticles. (I’ve since realized it’s way cheaper on amazon.) Fresh-Foaming-Cleanser-lg

I used to use regular face soap to remove my makeup at night, but my new white sheets were a nice reminder that it wasn’t doing it’s job. I recently switched to Neutrogena’s Foaming Cleanser that removes my makeup and makes my face feel clean.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion. For obvious reasons. Protecting_650x650_tcm1598-427243

Simple Light Moisturizing Lotion for these colder days that need more than my serums. It’s not greasy but does the trick.

oh, baby


baby sonogram

So…guess what? I’m pretty sure you have an idea. Ryan and I are expecting a little jelly bean this April! We are still in shock even if we’ve had a few months to digest this exciting news. It’s something that we’ve wanted for so long, but the moment it’s confirmed that there is a tiny human growing inside of you reminds you how real it is. If you follow me on instagram, you may have already seen some bump pictures and I am so loving being pregnant. I haven’t had any sickness (knock on wood!) but have felt incredibly exhausted which is to be expected. I just entered the second trimester so I’m looking forward to seeing my belly grow and to finally feel some movement.

I’m so excited to share the inspiration I’ve been collecting for the baby’s nursery! To be honest, I’ve probably been collecting photos for years. I blame on my baby fever, although I’ve been passing it off on “design inspiration for clients”. Apparently I’m too transparent because everyone was calling me out on my pinterest pins. The nursery is barely bigger than a 5×7 rug so it’ll be a challenge to create an organized and cozy space. We find out the sex within the next week or so and I am so anxious to find out! Once we know what we’re having I’ll start taking photos to share the process along the way.
Eeek! I still can’t believe it.

Camera Class

This weekend Ryan and I tackled one of my goals for the summer: taking a photography class! I’ve had an interest in photography since middle school, and have taken photography classes for film previously in school. I have a DSLR that I’ve been using that takes beautiful pictures but I wasn’t using it to it’s full potential. I was getting too comfortable using the automatic settings (the running man has always been my favorite!) and I was getting frustrated when it didn’t do what I want. That’s the beautiful thing about technology… it never listens to you.

We took a beginner class at a local community school for adults (when did I become an adult!? ;) and we learned the basics: aperature, shutter speed and ISO. Very simple, but learning it all over again with a digital camera made a world of difference. I’ve been taking pictures all weekend just to test out different settings and so I can be more confident when I have to adjust the settings quickly. I’m so excited to start taking more photos for my blog, and to see how my portfolio photos change post-class. Below are some random photos from the weekend…

DSC_0019 A little college door reflection selfie.

DSC_0278My little baby girl, Shiloh. #crazycatlady

My feisty niece Kaytlynn on Father’s Day. Ryan took this of her and she was totally flirting with him.

DSC_0009Some random guy from my photography class that I happened to be married to. :)

 So, now that I actually know how to use my camera properly I want to start bringing it out more. (i.e. stop using my iPhone to take so many photos!) I’ve been on the hunt for a larger, durable camera bag that doesn’t scream “nerd” or “tourist” : two words that could probably easily describe us. I wanted one that looks like a purse, but as you can imagine Ryan wasn’t pleased with that idea since he carries it sometimes, too. Below are some options that I love… perfect for bloggers, interior designers, or just photographers who want to look a little more fashionable.

Obsessed with this doctor style camera bag but Ryan said he wouldn’t feel comfortable carrying this through an airport since it looks like a purse.

Also love this vintage leather bag, but decided against it because it didn’t have any interior compartments for little things like extra SD cards.

This leather camera purse was vetoed because of the feminine style and the price tag. Although I still secretly daydream about it.

We ended up going with this more affordable option since it is a compromise between the styles I love and because it’s pretty gender neutral. I love that it’s leather, has enough interior storage, and doesn’t scream “Camera bag!”. I also bought this leather wrist strap since the usual neck straps are always so bulky. I can’t wait to start taking more photos! Get ready, readers!

Summer To-Do

summer to do

This past weekend was the first weekend in a while where we didn’t have firm plans, and it felt so refreshing to do as we please. We went to our nephews baseball game early Saturday morning, had a date night at the beach, went to the mall (where we used to have so many “dates” as teenagers), and went to an early movie on Sunday evening. Now that it’s the unofficial start of summer, I made a little to-do list for the summer to inspire myself to enjoy more unplanned moments and to appreciate the nostalgia of Summer vacation.

  • Take a day trip to Connecticut to tour the Glass House by Philip Johnson. I never realize it was only an hour and a half away!
  • Enjoy date nights at the boardwalk. (We went this past weekend, but I want to go more often to support those effected by Superstorm Sandy. It was scary to think we almost lost a nostalgic landmark where most NJ residents spent their Summers as kids.)
  • Grill at least once a week. I often grill, but I want to try more grilling recipes that are more sophisticated than just burgers and hot dogs. If you follow me on Pinterest, you may notice I’ve been pinning more recipes here.
  • Visit the Rain Room at MoMA
  • Camp at at least two new campsites. We probably camp about once every three weeks or so, but we always go to the same site which my brother-in-law affectionately calls our “vacation home”. I think it’s time to experience new places.
  • Bike the trail in New Hope, PA. We’ve been meaning to fix our bikes, but our tires have been flat for two years. Whoops!
  • Take a photography class. (Ryan and I both signed up for a class for the end of June. I’m looking forward to learning new techniques so I can properly shoot my interior spaces.)
  • Hike and kayak more. I hate exercising, but hiking and kayaking are actually activities I enjoy.
  • Visit the NYC flea markets. My favorites are Hell’s Kitchen and the Garage.
  • Visit Lambertville, NJ flea market. I’ve never been there before, but I’ve heard great things!
  • Go to the beach more. Last year I only went once, and it ended up raining!
  • Read more before bed. Now that all my favorite TV shows are finished for the season, why not curl up with a good book?! I just finished Gone Girl and don’t know what to read next because I loved it so much. Any suggestions?



four eyes

Are you ready for a whole lotta nerdiness and few selfies? (Hey! At least I’m not doing the duck face!) I wear contacts every day, but lately I’ve been needing to give my eyes a break. I’m guessing it’s because of my seasonal allergies, or maybe because I’m stretching out the use of my last pair of contacts. Either way, I need a new pair of glasses. I have a pair that I got in target last year (target has all that is good in the world) but the actual lenses are so tiny, it bothers me especially when I’m drafting on the computer.

I’ve been reading a lot about Warby Parker glasses so I figured I’d give them a shot. Their glasses are $95 (!!!) including glare free lenses and shipping. Plus they ship five pairs to you FREE so you can try them on at home. For the first time ever I actually have several pairs that I like and I can’t make a decision. What do you think?! Help a girl pick out a pair of frames!

Warby Parker Nedwin

Nedwin: Amber (I’m kind of leaning towards these because I like the shape and the color isn’t too harsh on my face)

glasses 3

Langston: Striped Evergreen (These look more green in person, but I think the color may be too dark for my skin color.)

Warby Parker Reece

Reece: Sandalwood Matte (Love this color!)

Warby Parker Wilkie

Wilkie: Sugar Maple  (I also really like this style and color, but I can’t decide it the frames are too trendy wendy/wannabe hipster. Although the bigger lenses make it so comfortable to work on my laptop.)