I love this NY Time Magazine article including photos of children and their nannies. I was a nanny throughout high school and college and know how special the relationship is between children the nanny that cares for them. I still have a special relationship with the family I nannied for and go on vacation with them every year since they moved two states away from me. (I even got a text message recently asking for fashion advice, which now makes me feel so old!)

This sentence really stuck with me:
“Part of what’s striking about [these] pictures is that they position front and center a person who is often left on the editing-room floor when a family’s memories are being assembled. Nannies have told me that their employers crop them out of photographs of their children.”

I am so grateful that I had an experience with a family that loved me as a part of their own family, and taught me so much about how I will eventually raise my own. The article and these photos are so moving as they call attention how valuable this relationship is. :)

NY Time Magazine Nannies - Michelle

NY Time Magazine Nannies - Michelle

NY Times Magazine via A Cup of Jo