modern maids

I love the wedding looks where the bridesmaids aren’t so matchy matchy. All the ladies in my life are different, and I’d like to celebrate that instead of making them wear the same gown with matching died shoes.  I’m hoping this is the new trend for 2010!

yes erin erin after

erin erin after

intimate wedding

Growing up, I never thought about my wedding. To be honest, up until six months ago Ryan and I had always planned on eloping to make things easier and way more intimate. But, things change and I need to have my family and close friends there to celebrate what Ryan and I have. So, with that said, it’s taking me forever to find a spot for our wedding.

I’m not a traditional girl of sorts. I don’t want a poofy princess dress, or a traditional venue with the gold chandeliers and outdated carpeting. Just the thought of it gives me the chills. We both want something that isn’t traditional, and that is a little bit different. Ultimately, we’d love to get married outside… maybe at a vineyard, maybe at a old historic barn house. We’re not sure yet, but it’s going to take some time to find a perfect spot.

In my hours of research, I am so grateful that I came accross a website that primarily deals with Small, Intimate Weddings.

the foundry exterior

the foundry

foundry ceremony2

foundry int shots

I love the look of The Foundry in New York, but Ryan thinks its too industrial looking for a wedding. This makes sense considering its a building that melts down and casts various metals. At least I’ve started to figure out what we’re loving, and what we’re not… it’s all in a compromise!